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How to find the length of the

Long to denote the distance between the two points of any segment. It may be straight, polygonal or a closed line. Calculate the length can be quite a simple way, if you know some other segment performance.

How to find the length of the

Instruction how to find the length of the

Step 1:

If you need to find the length of the side of the square, then it is not difficult if you know the area it S. Due to the fact that all sides of the square are the same length, to calculate the value of one of them can be according to the formula: a = √S.

Step 2:

In the case when it is required to calculate the length of the rectangle, use the values ​​of its area of ​​length s and the other hand b. The formula a = S / b, you will get the desired value.

Step 3:

To determine the circumferential length, that is a closed line, which forms a circle, use values: r - and its radius D - diameter. The diameter can be calculated by multiplying the radius of the circle at 2. Known values ​​you substitute in the formula for determining the circumference of a circle: C = 2πr = πD, where π = 3,14.

Step 4:

To calculate the length of the normal length of use experimental method. That is, take a ruler and measure.

Step 5:

In order to calculate the length of the side of the figure as a triangle, you need the size of the other two sides and angles of magnitude. If you are dealing with a right triangle, and one of its corners is 60 degrees, then the value of his leg can be determined by the formula a = c * cosα, where c - the hypotenuse of the triangle and α - the angle between the hypotenuse and the leg.

Step 6:

In addition, if you have such well-known values, the height b, and the area S of the triangle, the length of the side, which is the basis, can be found thanks to the formula a = 2√S / √√b.

Step 7:

With regard to a regular polygon, the length of its sides can be calculated, guided by the formula an = 2R * sin (α / 2) = 2r * tg (α / 2), where R - the radius of the circle, r - the radius of the inscribed circle, n - number angles.

Step 8:

If you want to calculate the length of the equilateral shape, around which a circle is described, then it can be done according to the formula an = R√3, where R - radius of the circle, n - number of angles shapes.