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How to find the product of two numbers

There are techniques to develop the mathematical capabilities of the human brain in general and methods of computation works of multi-digit numbers in particular. As well as there are people with brains who are born with such opportunities. However, in most cases we have to find the product numbers to people without advanced mathematical abilities. Here are the most simple and effective opportunities available to them.

How to find the product of two numbers

Instruction how to find the product of two numbers

Step 1:

Use knowledge of multiplication tables and their short-term memory - often it is enough to find the product of two two-digit numbers in his mind. If necessary, the multiplier divided into several categories, multiply the multiplicand to get the number and add up the results. For example, if it is necessary to multiply the 325 by 115, the factor can be divided into the number of 100, 10 and 5. Do not try to hold everything in memory, record interim results, because your goal - to solve the problem, rather than comply with the principle of multiplication in mind.

Step 2:

Use school multiplication skills in a column, if they have not eroded from the head and the hand is a writing instrument and paper.

Step 3:

If you have access to a computer, then this means that you will be available and a standard calculator, a built-in operating system. On Windows, to start it press win key, go to the "All Programs" section, open the subsection "Standard" sign in the section "Tools" and select "Calculator". The interface of this application is very simple and the operation of finding the product of two numbers with the help of complexity is not - enter the multiplicand, press the asterisk, enter the factor, and press enter.

Step 4:

If you have Internet access, you can manage not only without a calculator, but also without a PC - it is a mobile phone is sufficient. Go to the main Google search engine and enter the search query instead of the arithmetic operation, the result of which you need to know. For example, if you need to find a product of the numbers 325 and 115, enter 325 * 115 Built-in search engine calculator will calculate and show you the result of the operation. The same calculator built in search engine Nigma system.

Step 5:

Do not forget about the presence of the built-in mobile phone calculator - today rarely what model of his device has not. Being a product of two numbers, in this case by pressing the same keys as in the calculator program described above.