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How to find the root of the third degree

In solving some technical problems there need to find the root of the third degree. Sometimes this number is called the cube root. The root of the third power of a given number is called the number, the cube (third degree) which is equal to the present. That is, if y - cube root of x, we should be satisfied: y = x (X is equal to the cube y?).

How to find the root of the third degree

You will need:

calculator or computer

Instruction how to find the root of the third degree

Step 1:

To calculate the cube root, use the calculator. It is desirable that this was no ordinary calculator, a calculator used for engineering calculations. However, even at this calculator you will not find a dedicated button to extract the root of the third degree. Therefore use the function of a number raised to a power. Removing the root of the third degree corresponds to exponentiation 1/3 (one third).

Step 2:

For the construction of the power of 1/3 type on calculator keypad number itself. Then press the "exponentiation". Such a button, the calculator depending on the type, may appear as xy (y - a superscript). Since in most calculators can not work with conventional (non-decimal) fractions, instead of 1/3 type the approximate value of: 0.33. To obtain more accurate calculations, it is necessary to increase the number of "threes", for example, to dial 0.33333333333333. Then, press the "=".

Step 3:

To calculate the cube root on the computer, use the standard Windows calculator. The procedure is completely analogous to that described in the previous paragraph instructions. The only difference - a designation key exponentiation. In the "computer" calculator it looks like x ^ y.

Step 4:

If the root of the third degree has to be considered systematically, use the MS Excel program. To calculate the cube root in "Eksele", enter into any cell of the sign "=", and then select the "fx" icon - insert function. In the screen that appears in the "Select a function" list, select the "LEVEL" line. Click "OK". In the newly appeared window, enter the string in the "Number" value of the number from which you want to extract the root. In the line "degree", enter the number "1/3" and click "OK". In the cell of the table will be the desired value of the cube root of the original number.