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How to get the iron sulfate

Iron sulphates - are inorganic chemicals, they are divided into species. There divalent iron sulfate (2) and trivalent ferric sulfate (3). There are many ways of obtaining these sulfates.

How to get the iron sulfate

You will need:

Iron, sulfuric acid, water, copper sulphate, pyrite, iron ocher, potassium nitrite, ferric chloride.

Instruction how to get the iron sulfate

Step 1:

With the help of a file or emery sharpen little iron filings. Then, place it in an acid-resistant container and fill with dilute sulfuric acid. The acid reacts with iron shavings with hydrogen evolution and formation of ferrous sulfate (2).

Step 2:

Take a little distilled water and dissolve it in a small amount of copper sulfate. Next, place the crushed iron solution. As in the electrochemical voltage series copper iron is left, it will displace the copper from solution to form a salt of ferrous sulfate (2), and copper itself precipitates.

Step 3:

Take the acid-resistant container and pour it in concentrated sulfuric acid. Then, put it in a little bit of iron disulfide (pyrite) and heat content. The reaction of sulfur dioxide will be released and form ferrous sulphate (3).

Step 4:

Place the tube in a small amount of iron oxide (3) (iron ocher) and fill it with sulfuric acid. After this heat tube, the reaction will form water and the iron sulfate (3).

Step 5:

Take dilute sulfuric acid and place in her potassium nitrite. Thoroughly mix the solution and place in it a little ferrous sulphate (2). The reaction will produce nitrogen oxide, water, potassium sulfate and ferrous sulfate (3).

Step 6:

Take a concentrated sulfuric acid and place in it a little ferric chloride. Then, heat the solution. The reaction will produce ferrous sulphate (2) and separating hydrogen chloride.

Step 7:

Prepare an aqueous solution of ferrous sulfate (2) and just leave it open to the air. After some time, under the action of air oxygen ferrous sulfate (2) is oxidized, so that it enters into iron sulphate (3).