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How to get the kind of water

Melt water - is water, which is formed by the melting of snow or ice. As part of this water does not contain deuterium, which is causing heavy damage to the body: to assimilate it requires additional energy costs, and significant quantities of deuterium is equivalent to the most potent poisons. It was established experimentally that when ice slowly solidifies rapidly captures unwanted impurities at the beginning and at the end of the freezing water. Fresh melt water, and you can get at home.

How to get the kind of water

Instruction how to get the kind of water

Step 1:

Meltwater has long been used in alternative medicine. Even in the past, people have noticed that birds are returning to the south in the spring, drink this water to gain strength. It is believed that this water rejuvenates the body at the cellular level, because its structure is similar to the structure of the protoplasm of human cells. Meltwater is effective: in the fight against excess weight, for a more rapid recovery of physical fitness in athletes, to reduce blood cholesterol levels in cardiovascular diseases and to improve metabolism. In addition, it is believed that when water is thawed using a healthy effect on the entire body.

Step 2:

If you live in the countryside, with melt water in winter is not a problem. To get it, enough to melt the snow. It is desirable to adhere to certain rules. Take a clean freshly fallen (or lying in the shadow or the dried up ground among the trees) snow. Thawing it in a closed cover enamel bucket. you can put a bucket in a basin of hot water (not on the stove) To speed up this process. This note on the walls of the bucket should not form gummy residue. If it is, it indicates that the water is unfit for consumption. To get rid of the plant specks resulting water can be filtered through 2 layers of cheesecloth. Then drain the water into a glass dish and close tightly. The shelf life of the resulting water this way - no more than one week.

Step 3:

Before use, melt water from snow bring to a boil in a closed kettle or pan with a lid. An important point: it is necessary to bring to a boil, do not boil. Then already, you can add it tea brew, jam, etc. Pure water from melted snow is not desirable to use, as it contains no salt and tasteless. Drink 1-2 cup 3 times a day. The treatment of such water - 1-3 months every winter. In addition, you can also wash with cool water from the snow melt, it is very refreshing complexion.

Step 4:

If you live in the city, get out of the snow melt water can not be, because the snow in urban areas (especially in the city) is dirty. In this case, and in the summer you can get this water, plain water freezing in the freezer, and then putting it to thaw.

Step 5:

Here is how the process of getting meltwater A. Labs. It is necessary to pour into the jar cold tap water before reaching the top. Cover it with a lid and put in the freezer at the bottom lining for thermal insulation (for example, of cardboard). Note the time of the freezing of about half the pot. Remove the jars from the ice, and pour out the remaining water, it is you do not need. The resultant water is used for making tea, coffee and a variety of drinks and dishes.

Step 6:

A slightly more complicated method to obtain melt water, and describes phytotherapeutist A. Malovichko healer who calls the water protium. The principle of obtaining water protium simple. Tap water contains more hydrogen isomers, deuterium, tritium and protium. By removing harmful substances tritium and deuterium, as a result you get protium water. To do this, pour the filtered or tap water in an enamel pan and put it in the freezer. After 4-5 hours, it should reach. The surface of the water and the pan wall are already formed ice is stuck first. This water drain into another saucepan. Ice that remains contains the heavy water molecules freezing earlier than plain water. This first ice contains deuterium, so it should be discarded.

Step 7:

The pot with the remaining water again put in the freezer. When water freezes it by two-thirds the amount of unfrozen water pour, because it contains contaminants. And the rest as a result of ice - this is protium (melt) water, which is beneficial to human health, because it is free of heavy water and impurities by 80%, and contains 15 mg of calcium per 1 liter of water. Melt the ice at room temperature, and drink the resulting water for 1 day.

Step 8:

Another type of biologically active water - is degassed water obtained by the method of candidate of biological sciences Zelepukhin brothers. To obtain a small amount of water was quickly adjusted to 94-96 degrees. Those. to a temperature "white key"When a lot of small bubbles formed in the water, but the formation of large bubbles have not yet started. After reaching this temperature, remove the pan from the heat and cool quickly by placing, for example, in a bath of running water. As a result of these steps, it turns the water with an ordered structure.

Step 9:

PhD and author of the book "Three health whale" Yuri Andreyev offers another way: to combine both previous method, ie, degas the melt water. As a result, he says, it turns medicinal water, is particularly useful in case of problems in the gastrointestinal tract. For this water should be obtained by a simple method of melt water "freeze-thaw", and then subjected to degassing by boiling, rapid cooling and freezing.

Step 10:

It is recommended to apply the melt water in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 h. Before meals several times a day immediately after thawing. its temperature must be no higher than 10 degrees. Drinking a glass of water should be thawed immediately beforehand accustomed themselves to the use of cold water, or in small sips, while holding it in the mouth. Type is generall therapeutic effect of its use can be observed within 1 month after initiation of treatment.