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How to glue the triangle

For a variety of children's games and educational applications kinds of creative activity in the form of visual aids to explain the material may need to glue volume triangle. This task is not particularly complicated, but requires care and thoroughness in carrying out certain operations.

How to glue the triangle

Instruction how to glue the triangle

Step 1:

First you need to prepare a blank for the future product. For this paper, cardboard or any other material two identical triangles draw size. They should not be located close to each other, as will be further need dorisovyvat these figures. Best will look isosceles or equilateral triangles, in which the values ​​of either two or all three directions.

Step 2:

Thereafter, to the resulting finish a straight shapes extending outwardly from the corners of a triangle so that they shared an angle that extends from the half. Line length should match the thickness of the bulk of the future product.

Step 3:

Noting the necessary line length of the resulting three points build another triangle, which is supposed to be similar to the inner shape, but more on the product thickness. Doing this is necessary with each of the two triangles, which will subsequently be the front and back sides of the figure.

Step 4:

Then carefully cut the lines running from the tops of smaller inner triangle and fold the inner contour lines on the figure. The result is a figure of the desired size, for which there are allowances on product thickness.

Step 5:

At the end you need to connect the two resulting triangles, and available allowances, which form the sides of the volume figures should be included in each other.

Step 6:

Angles allowances and trim slices, then paste into each other, so they do not protrude beyond the contours of the part. Carefully example, the two halves of the product, promazhte allowances for thickness of PVA glue or other material used and by connecting half, glue them.

Step 7:

If you use a dense material that will not catch on right away, connect the two sides of the triangle and fix the staple sutures. When dry out the part, it can be glued and third rib.