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How to install a tachometer

Torque, power, fuel consumption of the engine is heavily dependent on the frequency of engine crankshaft speed. Tachometer - a device that allows the driver to track the vehicle in real time the current parameters of the crankshaft speed. This device is not installed on all car models. Depending on the model of the tachometer it can be connected to the vehicle wiring in several ways.

How to install a tachometer

You will need:

electromechanical or electronic tachometer, hour mechanical tachometer

Instruction how to install the tachometer

Step 1:

Most of these devices is determined by the engine speed is the number of pulses in the ignition system. When connecting to a different ignition systems (contact, e-contact and contactless e) applies different ways of registration of these pulses.

Step 2:

To install the electromechanical tachometer in contact with the car ignition system, connect the negative terminal to the "weight" of the car. Positive power cord is connected to the terminal in the ignition, which is energized when the ignition system. Signal wires are connected to the terminal of the ignition coil, which is connected to the breaker tramblera. On this terminal, by rotation of the crankshaft of the engine, the pulses of some form are formed. These pulses are recorded tachometer and on them he determines the current engine speed.

Step 3:

To connect an electronic tachometer, connect its power pins as well as described above. Signal wire of the tachometer, connect to a special metal platform supported on the high-voltage wire. Depending on the tachometer devices this platform is mounted on the central high-voltage wire or the one that comes from the distributor to the tramblera 1 engine cylinder. Carefully insulate the area, make sure that it does not touch the "weight" of the car. The exact location of the signal wires fastening determine by reading the instructions to install the unit.

Step 4:

After installation and connection of a tachometer, check the accuracy of its readings. Start the engine of the car. Set its turnover within 2500 rev / min. A special extension cable, touch-axis ratchet mechanism on the engine crankshaft sensor hour mechanical tachometer. Read his testimony. They should not differ from the tachometer readings of more than 5%. Check so that the correct readings of the tachometer at various engine speeds.