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How to make a chain from scrap materials

In some cases, for physical experiments require chain links of which have a certain size and shape. If this chain does not withstand heavy loads, it can produce from conventional paper clips.

How to make a chain from scrap materials

Instruction how to make a chain from scrap materials

Step 1:

Prepare the necessary amount of steel paper clips. They should not be coated with a decorative layer or other metal or plastic shell. Select a clip made of a wire of the desired section.

Step 2:

Depending on what should have a diameter of the chain links, each of the clips or split into two or four equal parts. Use it only for these cutters, which are not sorry isportit.Dlinu units is calculated according to the standard formula: L = πD, where L - the length of the required level, D - diameter of the desired dvena.Uchtite that in reality the distance occupied by a link in the chain, there will be several smaller than its diameter due to the fact that the wire is not infinitely small cross section.

Step 3:

Zaludit all blanks. Steel, from which they are made, solderability good yield using conventional neutral flux provided a good warming. Apply flux activity is not only not required, but can not even - in the future this may lead to corrosion .. In order not to burn your fingers, using sidecutters or sandpaper first half of the workpiece, hold the second in small pliers, then turn the workpiece using sidecutters or sandpaper remaining half of it. If desired, you can zaludit not all blank, and only its ends, holding it with pliers over the middle.

Step 4:

Using the same pliers attached to all the blanks desired shape (eg, round, oval, rectangular). Leave ready links small gaps, so they can be concatenated together.

Step 5:

Connect the links in the chain. Then gently press them together so that in places of welds proved by two parallel wire segment. After removing the compressive force, make sure that they remain parallel - this will avoid stress, which over time can destroy the brazing.

Step 6:

Make welds units. Give the finished circuit to cool. Do not expose the product made considerable stress, as well as moisture and other corrosive environments.

Step 7:

Proceed to the use of circuits in an installation for carrying out a physical experience.