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How to make distilled water

In an industrial scale to produce distilled water using a special apparatus - distillers. They held regular water distillation process. At home, too, can receive the distillate. The method is simple, but quite durable and requires patience. However, it all depends on the amount you need.

How to make distilled water

You will need:

- tap water; - Two pots (large and smaller); - The capacity to drain water; - Clean the hose 1.5-2 m; - A funnel; - Distilled water containers (e.g., bottle).

Instruction how to make distilled water

Step 1:

Pour into a large pot with tap water and leave for a day. The container does not move, do not stir the water, it should just have a good stand during this time. Thus, water will evaporate from the light impurities (e.g., chlorine) and heavy settle at the bottom.

Step 2:

Prepare a container to drain the water and put it below the level of the pan with the settled water.

Step 3:

Take the hose. One end of the gently lower to the bottom of the pan (not shaking the contents) and the other in the mouth and take a draw in a water (principle drinking cocktail through a straw). As soon as he felt it in his language, quickly dip the end of the hose into the tank, which is located so that it will hit you in the mouth. Capacity, which will begin to pour water from a large pan, should be at the level below it. Pour about 1/3 of the supernatant water. It is believed that the lower layer of water on standing, heavy contaminants are concentrated.

Step 4:

Pour the remaining water into a clean saucepan and put on fire. Cover. Bring to a boil.

Step 5:

Prepare a clean container for distilled water, insert the funnel.

Step 6:

Lift the lid to the pot of boiling water and carefully (not to burn the ferry!), Tilt it vertically above the vessel with a funnel. Water droplets with a lid (which is the distillate) will drain through the funnel into the container. Then, close the pan with a lid and continue to boil water. You can take a container of distilled water, not with a narrow neck, and, for example, a plate or bowl, then funnel at this stage you do not need.

Step 7:

Repeat the previous step several times until you get as much distilled water as you need.

Step 8:

You can upgrade process. To this end, the bottom of the pot bigger, which will boil water, put a small (preferably hard not to pop up) pure thing and put it a smaller pot size without lid (you can bowl). This should not prevent the saucepan to close a large pan with a lid. Thus, when the water is boiling, the droplets that form on the inside of the lid a large pot, will flow into a small bowl located inside.