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How to neutralize the mercury

When broken devices containing mercury, panic starts. This is a very dangerous chemical element, with him not to be trifled with. Therefore it is necessary to know how to spend demercurization (disposal of mercury), so as not to endanger themselves and others. neutralization process is quite simple, but time consuming. Once mercury is neutralized, it is better to invite experts to verify the absence of pollution of its pairs.

How to neutralize the mercury

You will need:

- latex gloves; - Bank; - Syringe; - A copper plate or wire; - Solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate); - Iodine; - Water; - Rags.

Instruction how to neutralize mercury

Step 1:

Roman name Mercury Mercury (Merkurium), so the process of neutralization is called "demercurization". Demercurization should start with mechanical harvesting rasteksheysya substance. Mercury rolls on the exposed surface in the balls, reminiscent of metal, which are very mobile. The first step is to collect them. For this purpose it is necessary to wear rubber gloves to avoid contact with skin, and using the syringe to collect them. It is convenient to collect mercury by means of a copper plate or wire. To do so, clean the copper product and bring the stripped ends of the balls. They instantly attracted to copper. If you suspect that the mercury hit for the plinth, it must necessarily be removed. Then, to place the mercury beads on a plate and a syringe in a tank filled with a dense solution of potassium permanganate, to avoid evaporation, sealed and put in a dark cool place (eg refrigerator). Isolated from the environment will not cause a chemical element in the products of infection.

Syringe with a solid tip

Step 2:

Now it is necessary to treat the surface to which mercury is drained. To this dilute iodine (10 ml) in 10L (the bucket), and water to thoroughly wash the surface (floor, table, etc.). Then dissolve 30 mg of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) in 10 liters of water and immediately after washing the iodine wash the surface with potassium permanganate. This manipulation is best done with gloves and various rags. Rags then should be discarded, and a bucket of rinse thoroughly as iodine and potassium permanganate.

Permanganta potassium (potassium permanganate)

Step 3:

The room, which was spreading mercury, must be aired for 12 hours to no more its vapor. After 12 hours, we can assume that demercurization carried out, and the room can be carried out normal activities.

Thoroughly ventilate the room

Step 4:

If mercury is spread out in a large amount, it is necessary to cause a brigade MOE. After neutralization, specialists will conduct measurements of a special device for the presence of its vapor. By the way, you can call the brigade and after self demercurisation in order to verify the absence of mercury and zagryazneniya.Izolirovannuyu syringe, along with a broken thermometer or other device, you must deliver to the laboratory for disposal of radioactive waste or emergency department in the area.