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How to obtain ethylene from methane

Methane is the simplest saturated hydrocarbon from which the other organic materials can be prepared by subsequent reactions, including ethylene. He as methane, is the simplest substance, but, in contrast, refers to a class of unsaturated hydrocarbons.

How to obtain ethylene from methane

Instruction how to ethylene from methane

Step 1:

Because methane is possible to obtain a number of complex organic compounds. he is a colorless gas having no taste and odor, practically insoluble in water, and having a lower density than air. He is one of the most common gases on Earth and other planets of the solar system. At temperatures above 1000 ° C methane decomposes to carbon and hydrogen: CH4 → C + 2H2.Etot process called cracking methane. In cracking the other hydrocarbons - ethane - ethylene is obtained. Therefore, for the production of ethylene from methane originally obtained ethane, ethane and then cracked.

Step 2:

With Wurtz reaction can be prepared from compounds of methane ethane and then to start cracking process which will result in ethylene. This reaction is that by methyl iodide is added sodium metal, resulting in an ethane: CH3-Y + [Na] + CH3-Y → C2H6Zatem reaction is carried out cracking of ethane: C2H6 → CH2 = CH2 + CH4 + H2 (at t = 500 ° C)

Step 3:

There is a more modern and simple method for producing ethylene from methane. In this case, the reaction is generally carried out at temperatures in the presence of oxygen 500-900oS and manganese oxide, and cadmium. The gases are then separated by absorption, distillation and deep cooling under pressure. The equation of the production of ethylene from methane as follows: 2CH4 → C2H4 + H2

Step 4:

The second method due to its simplicity, is used more frequently. Of ethylene, in turn, receive other organic substances, including, polyethylene, acetic acid, ethyl alcohol, vinyl acetate and styrene. In the past it was also used in medicine for anesthesia. In addition, ethylene is used for the regulation of plant growth and fruit ripening. Also, it is made of synthetic lubricating oils that are used in industry and households.