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How to pass mathematical analysis

Most of the students have difficulties with the delivery of the mathematical analysis. To prepare for this exam is difficult, but still feasible. You only need to have patience and diligence.

How to pass mathematical analysis

You will need:

- a list of issues and questions; - Educational literature; - Paper, pen.

Instruction how to pass mathematical analysis

Step 1:

To get started, take a course in teaching methods in the program with a list of exemplary issues and questions for the exam. Check them out and divide into groups according to the level of your knowledge.

Step 2:

Prepare textbooks and lecture notes. Good to get a book with examples and analysis of solutions of typical problems of mathematical analysis. Use only the recommended textbooks teacher - maybe you caught very similar tasks during the exam.

Step 3:

Begin training with the most difficult for you to order. Consider a few examples for each topic and try to solve problems on their own task, comparing the soi answer that is given in the book. Write down on a sheet of formulas and solving scheme. Do the same with the more familiar themes to you after the development of complex material.

Step 4:

Next Choose the answers to all the theoretical questions, pointing them in textbooks or lectures in pencil. Try not to just memorize theorems in action and understand their essence. Particularly difficult for you to write down the points on paper.

Step 5:

Write down questions that seemed incomprehensible to you, and be sure to ask their teacher for advice before the exam.

Step 6:

The day before the exam, review the list of questions and answers provide a plan on them, try to remember the formulas that are used in solving various problems, proreshayte at least one example of each topic. If anything causes you difficulty, repeat the theme.

Step 7:

Make a small crib with formulas that you can not remember.