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How to reduce the current

Many appliances are designed for a certain (maximum) value of the current strength. If the current exceeds the permitted value, such equipment may be damaged. To lower the current, there are several simple ways, is a logical connection with the load of active or passive (ballast) resistance.

How to reduce the current

You will need:

automotive incandescent, welding ballast.

Instruction how to lower the current

Step 1:

To reduce the charging current when charging the car battery charger from the simplest rectifier connected in series with the charging circuit automotive lamps, which will act as a ballast. For this to solder two wires conclusions lamp, then remove the battery from any wire going to the battery charger. In the open circuit, connect the lamp by soldered wires to it. By connecting to the open circuit different in lamp power, change the current in a circuit the battery charging current.

Step 2:

To reduce the welding current at electric welding using a simple welding transformer, not having in its composition any control devices, connected in series to a low voltage circuit welding special ballast, representing a metal spiral, made of a material with high resistivity. Disconnect from the welding transformer welding wire terminals with the electrode holder. Connect one lead ballast to the same conclusion of the welding transformer.

Step 3:

Now, inserting the end of the wire holder between the turns of the welding electrodes ballast modify the total resistance of the welding circuit, and hence the welding current. To reduce the welding current, move the terminal to the wire electrode holder in the direction opposite from the welding transformer connected to the conclusion of the ballast.