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How to remove the root of the third degree

root extraction operations, which serve as an indicator of the number two and three have their own names - square and cube roots. If you have the opportunity to use a computer, the easiest way to extract from the root of an arbitrary number of third degree (cubic) - use software calculator OS.

How to remove the root of the third degree

Instruction how to extract the cube root

Step 1:

Press the button to win, to open the main menu of the operating system. The point is, you need to run the desired application ( "Calculator"), may be present in the main section of this menu. If you do not see it there, then open the subsection "All Programs", and in it the folder "Standard". This folder has a subfolder "Utilities" - open it and select the "Calculator" this very point.

Step 2:

There are other ways to start the application. For example, in Windows 7, you can open the main menu and type "Calculator" in the "Search programs and files', then select 'Calculator' in search results. In any version of Windows, you can press a combination of keys win + r to open the standard dialog for startup programs, calc, enter the command and press the enter key or click on the OK button.

Step 3:

Depending on the version of the operating system used in the calculator can be two versions of the cube root calculation. In earlier (for example, Windows XP), you need to switch the calculator interface in the "scientific" or "engineering" option by selecting the appropriate option in the "View" menu of the calculator. Then enter the radical expression and check the box with the inscription Inv - this box is responsible for inverting the functions specified on the control buttons application interface. Click on the button raised to the third degree (x ^ 3), and the calculator will calculate and display the result of the reverse operation - extracting the cube root of the entered number.

Step 4:

In later versions of the operating system (for example, Windows 7), simply enter the number from which to extract the cube root, and click the appropriate button on the screen - it has ³√x inscription. Switch Calculator to "engineer" the interface is not required.