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How to solve the problem of economic analysis

Economic analysis is a system of specialized knowledge, by which examines the economic processes and their relationships. Analysis of economic data to make better management decisions in the activities of enterprises. That is why it is important to understand the basic principles of the solution of problems in economics.

How to solve the problem of economic analysis

Instruction how to meet the challenges of economic analysis

Step 1:

Read carefully the conditions of the problem for economic analysis. Determine the system of qualitative and quantitative indicators characterizing the operation of the plant described in it. In the qualitative analysis is necessary to study the comparative characteristics of these processes. Determine analysis. Find a formula for calculating, using them calculate these indicators.

Step 2:

Identify the factors that influenced the results of the object. Categorize them, that is, arranged in groups on any basis. Define metrics for each group of factors, as this type of analysis is based on the quantitative comparisons and study the degree of change of economic phenomena and processes to changes in various factors. Select the method of factor analysis applied to the conditions in the problem. Using formulas calculate figures the degree of influence of each factor on the results of the object.

Step 3:

Determine the reserves under these conditions the problem. Reserves in the economic analysis are called measurable opportunities to improve production efficiency, as well as missed opportunities for the development of the activity, which can be achieved by improving the use of resources of the organizational measures and better management practices. Provisions are identified in all production factors.

Step 4:

Apply for a conclusion on the solution of the problem, which is to express the essence of economic analysis and have three positions: - indicators (specify which indicators you bargained for and select their values, characterize the dynamics of their changes); - factors (describe factors that influenced the results of the work, bring calculated data that characterize the influence of each of them); - Reserves (reserve list identified for this object, select the calculated data on them).