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How to translate mJ in kcal

And Joel, and calories are units of measure the amount of work and energy. Joule is part of a single SI system of measurement, a calorie is a non-SI units. Sometimes the calculations required to convert Joules into calories.

How to translate mJ in kcal

Instruction in how to translate mJ kcal

Step 1:

Turn megajoules to joules. The prefix "MEGA" means six therefore to count the number of megajoules in joules, the number must be multiplied by the original 10 to the sixth power, i.e. 1 000 000. Suppose you want to translate 9 kcal MJ. 9 MJ - is 9 * 1,000,000 = 9,000,000 joules. Next, you need to know what calories you need to convert joules, as is the concept of "calorie International" and the term "thermochemical calorie." One joule corresponds to 0.238846 0.239006 calories international or thermochemical calories.

Step 2:

Turn joules in international calories using a known conversion factor: 1 J ≈ 0,238846 calories. In this example, multiply nine million joules at 0, 238 846 will 2149614 feces. Put the resulting number of calories in calories, dividing it in 1000, we get 2 149.6 kilocalories (kcal). Thus megajoules 9 corresponds to 2149 kilocalories international 6. Quickly convert MJ in calories is to multiply the original amount by a factor of 238.846 MJ (0.238846 * 1000). In this case: 9 MJ * 238.846 = 2149.6 kcal.

Step 3:

Turn joules in thermochemical calories, using the conversion factor: 1 J ≈ 0,239006 calories. In this example, multiply nine million joules per 0.239006, you get 2,151,054 cal or 2 151.1 kcal. Thus, 9 megajoules corresponds to 2151.1 kilocalories thermochemical.

Step 4:

To convert Joules into calories you need to know that 1 calorie corresponds to 4.1868 international joules, 1 thermochemical calorie - 4.1840 joules. Set the number of calories in joules, multiplying them by the coefficients. For example, 500 calories international matches (500 * 4.1868) 2 093.4 joules and thermochemical calories 500 (500 * 4.1840) 2092 joule.