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How to write a plan for the course

Students who choose to write a term paper on their own, often eventually face the fact that they know how to make her plan. Since it reflects the content of the work, then he should pay special attention. His study is divided into two parts: first, compiled a preliminary plan that is easy to follow the process of writing the exchange rate, and then the final version is written.

How to write a plan for the course

Instruction how to write a plan for the course

Step 1:

After reviewing the main sources of literature, you have to decide on what will be discussed in the course work. Traditionally, the course work consists of several parts: an introduction, several paragraphs, the amount of which depends on the range of issues involved (their number is usually no more than four), and a conclusion.

Step 2:

You must be carefully thought out sequence of consideration of questions in each section, that work seemed organic and complete when you will sum up its results.

Step 3:

The topic can be viewed in different ways, but it is in terms of the basic idea is indicated, the nature and content of the work, as well as the most important issues raised students. This detailed plan is required only at the time of writing the work, in the final version, it will look different.

Step 4:

Once the preliminary plan it must be paired with the supervisor.

Step 5:

It should be a detailed study of the literature on the topic, and the drawing up of detailed abstracts, which can also be a quotation, and a summary of the main thoughts of the author. You should always write down the name and surname of the author, title, publisher and year of publication of the book, as well as the page from which the quote is taken.

Step 6:

Proper organization of work with sources can help to reveal more fully the issues raised in the theme of work, and subsequently affect the final form of the course plan. You should consider to what led the work can be useful material you take notes. Familiarization with the material you need to start with the basic sources, that is, encyclopedias, books, and then move on to the study of monographs and journal publications. This system works with the literature allows to gradually deepen the knowledge of the consideration in the term paper topic.

Step 7:

The study of scientific literature can lead to what is required to adjust a predefined plan. The reason for the changes, for example, may be the wrong parts of the layout of the work, the emergence of new interesting and relevant information. Any change in the plan need to be sure to be agreed with the Head of the course work.