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How to write an obituary

Obituary literally means "the word for the dead." It is located on the last page in a black frame and notify readers of newspapers about the death of a person. This newspaper genre has historically registration rules.

How to write an obituary

Instruction how to write an obituary

Step 1:

In the obituary surname, name and patronymic of a deceased person indicate in strict order: Ivan Ivanov. One can not speak of the dead as the living, that is, starting with the first, middle and last names. Observe the marital status of the deceased in a hierarchical order, for example, "Native mourn the tragic death of a caring father, her beloved husband, her only son, a trusted friend ...".

Step 2:

Always a sign of respect to the deceased must be prescribed by its date and place of birth, and the date and place of burial, to those who knew the deceased, could come to the grave to honor his memory. Be sure to mention the date of death, so that people were able to remember the departed in the world other person. Do not let the gloomy pessimism of presentation. Writing an obituary - a tribute to the deceased, so it is important to reflect the significance of the most fruitful for the society stages of his life.

Step 3:

If you write about well-known figures or war veterans, it is appropriate to talk about the most concise way of life and service to the community. Be sure to list all of the jewels of the deceased. Under no circumstances do not allow criticism of the deceased. If the man who led an immoral life, expressed regret about the adverse external circumstances. If the deceased was pious, be sure to mention in the obituary of his deeds.

Step 4:

Expression of sympathy is the main component of an obituary. However, these words should sound a promise to preserve the memory of the deceased during the entire life of everyone who was close to him. Avoid overly emotional text, weigh every word. Do not eat too pompous or bombastic expressions. Remember that the relatives of the deceased are currently experiencing pain. Therefore, not a single word should not insult the memory of the deceased.