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How To Measure The Resistance Of A Multimeter

How to measure the resistance of a multimeter

Sometimes a situation arises where you need to measure the resistance of the power cord (search for possible breakage), or check the fuse, incandescent bulbs, PETN serviceability and the like. Using a multimeter, data problems are solved quickly and easily.

You will need:

multimeter test leads with probes (come with a multimeter).

Instruction how…

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How To Put The Emphasis In The Word & Laquo; Money & Raquo;

How to put the emphasis in the word «money»

With the decline of the word "money" the pronunciation of some case forms can cause difficulty. "Money," with the accent on the second syllable or "money"? "Not in the money" happiness or "no money"? What people are saying on this subject dictionaries?


 "Money" - stress in accordance with current regulations

In accordance…

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How To Find Deviations

How to find deviations

Results of the study or business entity may have some deviation. They are given the discrepancy, average or planned level indicator.

You will need:


Instruction how to find the deviation

Step 1:

There are various kinds of abnormalities. Each character is different phenomenon that is studied, and the method of calculation.

Step 2:

Initially, the results of any…

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How To Remember The Number Of Pi

How to remember the number of PI

Mathematicians have calculated about five trillion digits in the number Pi, and in his everyday life, we use only three. However, if you need to use a more precise value, there are a few simple ways to remember it.

Instruction how to memorize pi

Step 1:

If you need to know only a few characters…

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How To Determine The Constellation

How to determine the constellation

No matter how good a man here on earth, it will still inevitably be drawn to distant stars and planets - their enchanting light never leave alone the human imagination. The wise ancestors did a great job - to collect stars in the constellation - conventional groups to help determine the position of celestial bodies in…

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What Is A Hyphen

What is a hyphen

The hyphen - is not the same as the dash is thought to many. These marks do not only have different fields of application. They even sometimes written in different ways.

The hyphen is called a punctuation mark, in shape is not different from the mathematical subtraction sign - minus. In contrast to the dash, it is…

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What Is The Reformation

What is the Reformation

Reformation (from the Latin -., Repair) - the massive socio-political and religious movement in Central and Western Europe XVI- first half XVII centuries, aimed at reforming the Catholic Christianity on biblical laws.

The concept of "Reformation" in the XV century meant the state and social transformation. For example, in Germany before the Reformation movement were well-known…

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How To Determine The Relative Molecular Mass

How to determine the relative molecular mass

The relative molecular mass of the substance - a value that indicates how many times the mass of a single molecule of the substance is more than 1/12 of the mass of the carbon isotope. Alternatively, it may simply be called molecular weight. How can I find the relative molecular weight?

You will need:


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How To Find The Area Of ​​The Face In A Pyramid

How to find the area of ​​the face in a pyramid

Pyramid - one of the most mysterious figures in geometry. With its associated streams of cosmic energy, many ancient peoples chose precisely this form to build their places of worship. However, from the standpoint of mathematics, the pyramid - it is just a polyhedron with polygonal base and faces are…

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How To Find The Body Movement

How to find the body movement

Kinematics studies the different types of motion of the body at a predetermined speed, direction and trajectory. In order to determine its position relative to the point of beginning of the path, you need to find the body movement.

Instruction how to find the body movement

Step 1:

Movement of the body takes place along a…

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Why Is Sea Water Salty

Why is sea water salty

The salinity of the sea entered the sayings and proverbs about it was the song of the reasons for this phenomenon are explained in ancient legends. Scientists also disagree as to when and how the sea became salty. Some believe that this happened a long time ago, when the world is still not satisfied with the…

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To Fly Tits

To fly tits

Small flocks of colorful birds can be seen almost in every Russian city, especially in winter. In the cold season tits living normally in the woods, are moving closer to human habitation, where it is easier to escape from hunger. If you have a good look at the this little feathered, you may notice a difference in their…

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How To Find The Direction From The Square, Knowing Its Area

How to find the direction from the square, knowing its area

Square - right flat rectangle or an equilateral rectangle. So right that all its characteristics are equal to each other: the parties, the diagonal corners. Because of the equality of the parties a formula for calculating the area of ​​the square somewhat modified, that absolutely does not complicate the problem.…

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How To Find The Distance Between The Parallel Lines

How to find the distance between the parallel lines

Sometimes you want to find the distance between the parallel lines when solving geometrical problems. The same problem also occurs frequently in practical calculations and measurements. To learn how to find the distance between two parallel lines, it is sufficient to consider the geometric methods. This approach is called abstraction and allows…

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How To Find The Voltage Between The Plates Of The Capacitor

How to find the voltage between the plates of the capacitor

One of the branches of physics that underlie the knowledge on the process related to electricity, is the electrostatics. She studies the interaction of fixed electric charges. Therefore, one of the most common tasks that you may need to solve the students and undergraduates IHE, is to find the voltage…

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How To Determine The Resistance Of The Resistor

How to determine the resistance of the resistor

To determine the resistance of the resistor, it is easier and safer just to measure it with a Ohmmeter or multimeter. However, this method is not always available, starting from the elementary lack of desired device, ending the physical inaccessibility of parts. In addition, before measuring the resistance of the resistor must be…

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How To Draw Regular Polygons

How to draw regular polygons

The geometry of the problem often encountered in the construction of regular polygons. These figures are convex polygons with equal sides and angles. A regular polygon can be inscribed in a circle with a radius Rad = m / (2 ∙ sin180º / n), where m -. Side length and n - number of sides of…

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How To Write

How to write: "in continuation" or "during"

Along with the nouns in Russian language there are complex Denominative prepositions used in the speech did no less than the words from which they are formed. Outwardly from each other they are distinguished only the last letter. Choose the correct part of speech and, therefore, the right end of the algorithm will help…

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How Do I Put Gas In Liters Per Cubic Meter

How do I put gas in liters per cubic meter

The standard unit of volume measurement is considered to be a cubic meter. However, in everyday life and often used a small off-system unit - liter. Knowing the volume of the material in liters, it is easily transferred to cubic meters, and vice versa. But when measuring the volume of gas,…

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How To Get A Radio Frequency

How to get a radio frequency

Someone dreams of trendy boutiques, someone - a private hotel, and someone - on the radio. Quite possible to create your own, although the process is very complex and consists of several stages.

Instruction how to get the radio frequency

Step 1:

In addition to recruiting, office, registration of an advertising campaign and a legal person…

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