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How To Find The Direction Of The Cube

How to find the direction of the cube

Cube - one of the simplest three-dimensional figures. It consists of six intersecting at right angles to the faces, is a equal squares. The lines of intersection of the cube called his ribs, and ribs crossing points - vertices. Sometimes you can hear a "term" as a "side" of the cube. Depending on…

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How To Calculate The Natural Logarithm

How to calculate the natural logarithm

The logarithms are used in solving the equations in mathematics and applied sciences, in which the unknown quantities present as exponents. Logarithm to the base, to be constant "e" ( "Euler's number", 2.718281828459045235360 ...) is called a "natural" and writes most often as ln (x). It shows the extent to which you want to build…

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How To Change The Energy Of The Magnetic Field

How to change the energy of the magnetic field

The magnetic field generated by moving charges, ie electric shock. In general, it is equal to the product of the inductance current squared, divided by 2 (W = LI² / 2). Therefore, in order to change the energy of the magnetic field conductor, modify the current in the inductance of the circuit…

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How To Recognize A Sulfuric Acid

How to recognize a sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid having a chemical formula H2SO4, represents a heavy, dense oily liquid consistency. Very hygroscopic, readily miscible with water, wherein the acid is required to be cast into the water, in any case, not vice versa. One of the strong acid, especially in concentrated form and at elevated temperature. How can I recognize the…

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Why The Moon Does Not Fall To The Ground

Why the moon does not fall to the ground

Luna is a true ornament of the night sky. It is not only natural satellite of the Earth, but also the closest to us a heavenly body. Watching the moon, many people can not help wondering: if it is so close, why does not fall to the ground?

Like all the other…

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How To Find The Distance Between The Skew Lines

How to find the distance between the skew lines

Straight called skew if they do not intersect and are not parallel. This concept of spatial geometry. The problem is solved by methods of analytic geometry by finding the distance between the lines. This is calculated relative to the length of two perpendicular lines.

Instruction how to find the distance between the…

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How To Detect Mercury

How to detect mercury

Mercury - only metal being normally not in solid form. It represents a very thick, heavy liquid dull silver color. Mercury vapors are not only highly toxic, but also treacherous. Since they have no smell, and people exposed to them, not even aware of the danger. So how do you find them?

Instruction how to detect mercury


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How To Express The Degree Of

How to express the degree of

In the write operation exponentiation one of the indicators is usually written at the level of the upper border line - "in the attic." If you use this format in paper records, there is no problem, then the documents are stored and used in electronic form, it is a bit more complicated. Modern electronic document…

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How To Calculate The Side Of The Square

How to calculate the side of the square

Square can be called a diamond with the same side lengths and angles. In this figure the four flat side that defines the same number of vertices and edges. Square refers to the "right" geometric figures, which greatly simplifies the formula for calculating the lengths of its sides by indirect data.

Instruction how…

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How To Determine The Base Year

How to determine the base year

When calculating economic indicators reflecting the dynamics of changes in economic indices, real gross domestic product growth rate or growth rate, it used the concept of the base year. This year, for the accepted count, with respect to which the comparison of growth parameters is the analysis of economic processes.

Instruction how to define the…

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How To Find The Number Of Sides Of The Polygon

How to find the number of sides of the polygon

The polygon includes several sections connected together and forming a closed line. All figures in this class are divided into simple and complex. It simply refers triangle and rectangle, and to the complex - polygons with more sides, as well as star-shaped polygons.

Instruction how to find the number of sides…

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How To Write An Essay On The Economy

How to write an essay on the economy

The essay looks at the composition typically has a free composition and a small size. Although the job should seem easy, but somehow frightening students and take them by surprise.

You will need:

- educational literature; - a computer.

Instruction how to write an essay on the economy

Step 1:

Choose a theme works. It…

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How To Iron Sulphate

How to iron sulphate

Iron compounds in chemical often has a degree of oxidation equal to two or three. However, there are six. In the reaction with the sulfuric acid salt formed - sulfates. Ferrous sulfate - colorless crystals, and ferric sulfate has a light yellow hue. Each of these salts can be determined according to their qualitative reactions.

You will…

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What Projects Is Developing An Innovation Center In Skolkovo

What projects is developing an innovation center in Skolkovo

The development of modern high technology to Russia is a priority. Fierce competition leads to the fact that countries that do not invest in advanced technologies, are rapidly losing their positions in the world market. One of the projects designed to stimulate the development of breakthrough technologies, is to build an innovation…

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What Is The Antonym And Synonym

What is the antonym and synonym

Antonyms and synonyms are used for more expressive speech. They are ambiguous words, which means that in a given context is updated any one value.

Synonyms refer to the same concept, have the same lexical meaning, but differ in the emotional coloring, expressive, adopting a particular style. Enrichment of the language is synonymous with a…

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How To Find The Area Of ​​Regular Quadrangular Pyramid

How to find the area of ​​regular quadrangular pyramid

Pyramid - a polyhedron composed of a number having a common flat top and side surfaces of the base. The base, in turn, has on each side face one common edge, and therefore its form determines the total number of faces of the shape. At regular quadrangular pyramid faces of five, but…

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How To Recognize Formaldehyde

How to recognize formaldehyde

Formaldehyde, also known as formic aldehyde, methanal - is a colorless, poisonous gas with a pungent suffocating odor. It is soluble in water. A 40% aqueous formaldehyde solution called formalin. It is a clear, colorless liquid with a pungent odor. For authentication formaldehyde solution recommended total aldehydes to reduction reaction of silver compounds (silver mirror reaction). Identify…

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How Do I Know The Led Voltage

How do I know the LED voltage

The compact, high luminosity, technology performance and low power consumption, LEDs are now used widely as light-emitting elements. One of the features of this type of semiconductor device is a very narrow range of supply voltages. As a rule, all performance radio components provided in the manufacturer's documentation. But what if it does not…

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How To Write The Equation Of The Triangle Sides

How to write the equation of the triangle sides

There are many ways to define a triangle. In analytic geometry, one of these methods - to set the coordinates of the three vertices. These three points define a triangle uniquely, but for the sake of completeness must also draw up the sides of the equation connecting the vertices.

Instruction write the…

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How To Write The Amount In Words

How to write the amount in words

To eliminate inaccuracies additions of non-existent numbers in various types of documents (contracts, letterhead, letters, powers of attorney, etc.), by which transfer the funds necessary to prescribe the amount in full. What are the general rules of their writing?

Instruction how to write the amount in words

Step 1:

The primary accounting documents is…

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