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How To Extract Platinum

How to extract platinum

Platinum in mineralogy applies to native metals. So it was called the Spanish conquistadors of the resemblance to silver. As platinum was virtually impossible to treat, it is not appreciated and was cheaper than silver. Therefore, it is nicknamed "serebrishko" is the translation of the name of the metal from Spanish.

You will need:

native platinum, "aqua regia"…

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How To Find The Coordinates Of The Intersection Point Of Lines

How to find the coordinates of the intersection point of lines

To find the point of intersection of straight lines is sufficient to consider them in the plane, where they are located. Next, you need to make the equation of these lines and, thinking it, you will get the desired results.

Instruction how to find the coordinates of the point of…

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What Birds Fly

What birds fly

Autumn and spring in temperate and northern latitudes are characterized by including the fact that many species of birds are sent to distant lands or, alternatively, return to the breeding grounds. Some fly very far away, the way the other is only a couple of hundred kilometers, others - simply are moving from place to place within the…

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How To Grow A Crystal Of Table Salt At Home

How to grow a crystal of table salt at home

Crystal Grow yourself at home will afford even a little familiar with chemical processes, people, and the result, as well as the manufacturing process itself, of course, it will take great pleasure. So, get ready, we begin to cast and "khimichit".

You will need:

Color soluble salt (nickel dichloride or sulphate) or…

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Where Points Of The Compass Arrow

Where points of the compass arrow

Most of the so-called "progressive mankind" used to think that a compass needle always points due north. But, unfortunately, it is not the one that marked the North Star. And even more so - not geographical, that marked convergence of the meridians. Worse: the compass shows the South Pole of the Earth .... But what?


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How To Make A Fire Extinguisher

How to make a fire extinguisher

Risk of fire is always present. But extinguishing agents are not always at hand. If you do not want to spend money on the type fire extinguisher, but take care of your security, you can make a fire extinguisher own hands.

You will need:

The first option - a small cardboard box; - Salt; - Alum;…

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How To Divide The Globe Into Pieces

How to divide the globe into pieces

The body is formed by a circle around the rotational diameter and having a curved surface whose points are equidistant from the center, called a ball. Part of the world, severed from this geometric shape called a ball segment.

You will need:

- notebook; - Pencil.

Instruction how to divide the globe into pieces

Step 1:…

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Where Are All The Rivers Flow

Where are all the rivers flow

River - this is life. Since ancient times people settled along the banks of rivers and streams, fed from the river and sang it in his songs. River - this way: alluring, beckoning, and leading out to the ocean expanses.

Each big river and a small creek has its source - the source. It may…

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How To Find The Area Of ​​The Axial Section Of The Cone

How to find the area of ​​the axial section of the cone

The cone is a geometric body whose base is a circle and the lateral surface - all segments drawn from a point located outside the base plane to the ground. Direct cone, which is usually seen in the school geometry course, can be represented as a body formed by…

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How To Determine The Diameter Of The Hole

How to determine the diameter of the hole

Measurement at any art involves the use of special tools and fixtures. They differ in the method of application, area and the measurement accuracy, which can be used. A special place in the measurements of the diameters of the holes takes determination.

You will need:

- yardstick; - The usual bore gauge; - Micrometer…

The Science
How To Find The Electric Field

How to find the electric field

In order to find the electric field strength, make it known test charge. Measure the force that acts on it from the field and calculate the value of the tension. If the electric field is generated by a point charge and a capacitor, calculate it according to special formulas.

You will need:

electrometer, a dynamometer, a…

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How Can A Strong Acid Or Weak

How can a strong acid or weak

All acids, regardless of their origin, share a common property - they contain hydrogen atoms capable of reacting. Therefore acids can be defined: "Acid - the complex substance, which has in the molecule one or more hydrogen atoms and an acid residue." They are strong and weak. Under their power to understand its ability…

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What Is A Polygon

What is a polygon

Polygon - a flat geometric figure consisting of segments intersecting at three or more points. This polygon is a closed polyline.

The polygon points - the vertices and segments - side. Vertices belonging to one and the same side of the polygon, said to be adjacent. The segment that connects any two vertices that do not lie…

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The Space On The Aircraft

The space on the aircraft

In 1958, after the launch of the first Russian space satellite, the US government established the Agency of Defense's Advanced Research Projects - short for DARPA.

The agency reports directly to the Ministry of Defence and is used for development and implementation of new technologies in the US military-industrial complex. It also keeps track of the…

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How To Build A Truncated Pyramid

How to build a truncated pyramid

For the manufacture of building structures and metal parts must have the ability to build a model of the pyramid. At the base of each pyramid is often a triangle or a square, and the lateral faces are triangles. Pyramid referred to as polyhedra. There are the faces of the truncated pyramid trapeze. As usual…

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What Is A Simple Substance

What is a simple substance

Simply referred to as a substance composed of atoms of the same chemical element (homonuclear molecules). Simple substances - is a form of existence of chemical elements in the free form, i.e. elements are not chemically related to any other elements. There are more than 400 kinds of simple substances.

Common materials may be metals…

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