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How To Calculate The Angle Of Inclination

How to calculate the angle of inclination

The calculation of the angle of inclination may be needed to solve a variety of problems - the calculation of the slope of the roof, countertops, installing solar panels, antennas, pipes, etc. In addition, the angle of inclination is often necessary to find in the drawing - it may be the slope with respect…

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How To Determine The Direction Of The Magnetic Induction Vector

How to determine the direction of the magnetic induction vector

The magnetic field - a force field, which is created by a moving electric charge and acts on it. Power characteristics of the magnetic field is a vector magnetic field. The tasks in physics is often required to determine the direction of the magnetic induction.

You will need:

- magnet; - The…

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How To Solve The Problem Of Economic Analysis

How to solve the problem of economic analysis

Economic analysis is a system of specialized knowledge, by which examines the economic processes and their relationships. Analysis of economic data to make better management decisions in the activities of enterprises. That is why it is important to understand the basic principles of the solution of problems in economics.

Instruction how to meet…

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How To Find The Slope

How to find the slope

Under slope usually understand the slope of the tangent line of any function. However, you may also need the ability to find the slope of the normal line, for example, one of the sides of a triangle with respect to the other. After determining that you need to find, operate one of the following methods.


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How To Find The Projection Of A Straight Line On A Plane

How to find the projection of a straight line on a plane

The projection of a three-dimensional object called its image plane. The ability to build a projection must be representatives of different professions. This is such a common phenomenon that people often do not even think about it, just make plans and maps, images of parts under one or another…

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How To Calculate The Root On The Calculator

How to calculate the root on the calculator

If you have the opportunity to use a computer, certainly you have access to the program and calculator. These applications include all the features of an ordinary gadget, adding to the ease of use it proper to modern software. For example, the calculation of the roots in the Windows calculator program possible in…

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What Is The Greenhouse Effect

What is the greenhouse effect

In the last decade, the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect is quite widely covered by the media, causing people to think about their relationship to the planet. But the greenhouse effect is not only negative consequences.

The phenomenon of the greenhouse effect was first described and justified by Joseph Fourier in the middle of the 19th…

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What Is A Three-Dimensional Map Of Galaxies

What is a three-dimensional map of galaxies

The rapid development of computer technology has given scientists working in various branches of science, a great new tool. New features have received including astronomers. The computer allowed them to create a unique model of the universe. The observer can see on a great variety of screen space objects in the real world, not…

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How To Calculate The Volume Of The Market

How to calculate the volume of the market

Market size - an indicator, talking about how much goods and services consumed in a certain geographical area per unit time. The term "volume" of the market is often confused with its "capacity", the difference is that the capacity of effective demand indicates the volume - of real goods or services.

Instruction how…

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How To Find The Diagonal Of The Quadrilateral

How to find the diagonal of the quadrilateral

Quadrangle called the figure of four sides and corners, adjacent to them. Among these pieces are rectangular, trapezoid, parallelogram. In a number of tasks required to find the geometry of the diagonal of one of these shapes.

Instruction how to find the diagonal of the quadrilateral

Step 1:

Diagonal of the quadrangle called the…

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What Is Genetics

What is genetics

The fact that living organisms transmit their characteristics and properties of descendants, people intuitively felt for a long time. The farmer left for sowing the seeds of the largest, wanting to get a good harvest. Naturally, a long time people could not find a rational explanation for the observed phenomena. The first attempts were made by Hippocrates.


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What Is A Mutation

What is a mutation

About mutations as a phenomenon they say a lot in recent years. Most of these calls are associated with poor environment, the effects of radiation and the production of genetically modified products. But, according to scientists, all living beings on the earth in one degree or another mutant. Is this true and what is a mutation?


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How To Determine The Price Of The Ammeter Division

How to determine the price of the ammeter division

After repair or replacement of the ammeter scale requires its inspection and grading. There are several ways to do such testing. Depending on the availability of the necessary equipment and the required accuracy of the calibration parameters, use one of the methods described below.

You will need:

charger with integrated ammeter and a…

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How To Get A Golden Color

How to get a golden color

In spite of the huge range of colors in art and DIY stores, gold paint on sale is not always. Most often it has to do yourself. In this case, it is important to determine the base paint.

You will need:

- gold or bronze powder; - Aluminum powder; - Lacquer; - Linseed; - Joiner's glue;…

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How To Find The Lateral Surface Of The Box

How to find the lateral surface of the box

Parallelepiped - shape volume, characterized by the presence of faces and edges. Each side face formed by two parallel side edges and corresponding to each other either side of the base. To find the side surface of the box, you need to add up the total area of ​​its vertical or inclined…

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How To Get The Calcium Phosphate

How to get the calcium phosphate

Calcium phosphate (other names - calcium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate) - inorganic salt having the formula Ca3 (PO4) 2. Her appearance - colorless crystals, often with different color shades, from light gray to cream-pink, almost insoluble in water. This substance plays an important role in people's lives, as well as all vertebrate creatures, because it is…

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How To Solve The Equation System

How to solve the equation system

The solution of difficult and exciting. The more complex a system is, the more interesting to solve it. The most common system of equations with two unknowns, but in the higher mathematics of variables in high school mathematics can be more. There are several methods to solve systems.

Instruction how to solve the equation system


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How To Get Electricity

How to get electricity

Electricity - one of the fundamental forces of nature. Mankind first became acquainted with him in antiquity, and ever since sought ways to use its features. And for this it was necessary to find a reliable source of electricity.

Instruction how to get electricity

Step 1:

The first kind of electricity, which has become known to people -…

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How To Put The Emphasis In The Word & Laquo; Funds & Raquo;

How to put the emphasis in the word «facilities»

Errors in the accents in question are fairly common. But some of them are considered to be particularly harsh, demonstrating the ignorance and low level of culture. Such errors include wrong and emphasis in the word "agent" or "agent".

Proper emphasis to the word "means"

The word "agent" accent always falls on the…

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How To Get The Copper Chloride

How to get the copper chloride

Copper chloride - a chemical compound which belongs to the group of salts. This soluble material, which, depending on the concentration of a different color - by saturated blue-green to blue. In the laboratory during the practical work of copper chloride (II) can be prepared using various methods.

You will need:

Reagents rack with test tubes…

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