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What Is Humanism

What is humanism

It is believed that humanism - a love for man, the primary recognition of common values ​​for everyone, respect for every member of society, paying no attention to his religion and national identity. However, this understanding is too simplistic.

Such arguments about humanism is not quite true. It is worth asking the answer to this question: the right…

The Science
How To Make A Truncated Pyramid

How to make a truncated pyramid

The ability to make a model of a truncated pyramid may be required in the manufacture of some of the metal parts or building structures. At the heart of this model is the model of a conventional pyramid is a polyhedron, the base of which is a polygon, and the side faces are triangles. In…

The Science
How To Send Astronauts To The Space Station

How to send astronauts to the space station

"Dawn" The International Space Station operates from November 20, 1998, when he was launched on a Russian base module. Within another two years it was launched and docked American module "Unity" and the Russian "Zvezda". Second November 2000 the first crew to the station, to this day, she works in manned mode.


The Science
How To Calculate The Molecular Weight Of The Substance

How to calculate the molecular weight of the substance

The molecular weight of the substance - is a mass of molecules expressed in atomic units and numerically equal to the molar mass. The calculations in chemistry, physics and engineering is often used calculation of the molar mass values ​​of various substances.

You will need:

- periodic table; - Table of molecular weights;…

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How To Find The Long Diagonal Of The Parallelogram

How to find the long diagonal of the parallelogram

The diagonals of the quadrilateral connecting opposite its top, dividing the figure for a couple of triangles. To find the long diagonal of the parallelogram, it is necessary to make a number of calculations according to the initial data of the problem.

Instruction how to find the long diagonal of the parallelogram


The Science
How To Find Venus

How to find Venus

Dense clouds enveloping Venus, perfectly reflect sunlight. Precisely because of this, it is the brightest of the visible planets. It is easy to distinguish with the naked eye, because more of Venus in the sky shine only the moon and sun.

Instruction how to find Venus

Step 1:

First you need to choose the time of observation. Normally,…

The Science
How To Build A Range Of

How to build a range of

Some sources emit light with a continuous spectrum, in others it is ruled. Even the two sources, the colors of which seem to be exactly the same spectra can look completely different. For their intended observation device called a spectroscope.

Instruction how to build a range of

Step 1:

Take a large cardboard box. In its…

The Science
How To Invent The Most Simple

How to invent the most simple

Science - is an area where you need to use all of their talents and abilities in the aggregate. The knowledge must be combined with remarkable creativity, only in this case you will be able to invent something. And do not be surprised, that for the invention of something "the simplest" You will need time…

The Science
How To Find The Angle Between The Vector And The Plane

How to find the angle between the vector and the plane

Vector - directed line segment having a predetermined length. In the area it is given by the three projections on the respective axes. One can find the angle between the plane and if it is represented by coordinates of their normal, ie general equation.

Instruction how to find the angle…

The Science
How To Build A Schedule Of Shifts And Deformations

How to build a schedule of shifts and deformations

To plot a complex function, not necessarily a pre-compile a table of numerical values ​​of the variable. It is much easier to build it a purely geometrical way, by shifts and deformations.

Instruction how to build a schedule of shifts and deformations

Step 1:

To plot by shifts and deformations, a close look…

The Science
How To Find The Direction Of The Square, If You Know Its Diagonal

How to find the direction of the square, if you know its diagonal

The square is one of the most simple geometric shapes in terms of calculation of its parameters - lengths of the sides and diagonals, area and perimeter. This is determined by the fact that unlike other polygons are always known values ​​of all its corners and a length…

The Science
How To Organize A Laboratory

How to organize a laboratory

Did you know that one of the most famous science fiction characters, Frankenstein, was a research project "underground" laboratories? Its creator was working on a new "miracle" science in almost inhuman conditions home lab away from prying eyes. Now, of course, is not the time. Progress has stepped far forward. Although in order to organize the…

The Science
How To Enter The Circle An Equilateral Triangle

How to enter the circle an equilateral triangle

By definition, if all the vertices of the polygon belong to the circle, it is called a "fit." Build on paper such a figure is not difficult, especially if all the components of its sides are of equal length. For an equilateral triangle such construction can be done in several ways, and the…

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How To Solve Mathematical Equations

How to solve mathematical equations

Solve the equation - it means to find all the unknown, under which it is drawn in the correct numerical equality. To solve the mathematical equation with the modules, it is necessary to know the definition of the module. The sign module can simply be removed if podmodulnoe is positive. If the expression under module is…

The Science
How To Find The Length Of The Median In The Triangle

How to find the length of the median in the triangle

The median of a triangle - a segment drawn from any vertex to the opposite side, while he divides it into parts of equal length. The maximum number of medians in a triangle - three, the number of vertices and sides.

Instruction how to find the length of a median…

The Science
How To Study The Stars

How to study the stars

Star is a cluster of hot gas, usually hydrogen and helium, which emits light and heat due to what is happening in her nuclear and thermonuclear reactions. The closest star to our Sun, the nearest star to our solar system is located at a distance of 4.5 light years (the distance that light travels in one…

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How To Build A Regular Decagon

How to build a regular decagon

Challenges for the implementation of the construction of a regular geometric shapes train spatial perception and logic. There are many very simple tasks of this kind. Their decision comes down to modifying or combining already known examples. However, there are those on the solution of which is necessary to think. One of the trivial is…

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How To Build A Complex Drawing

How to build a complex drawing

Image methods and their practical application is studying descriptive geometry. Any object has three dimensions. For the image of its spatial form of the plane you need to know the laws of the transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional representation, ie, be able to read the drawing.

You will need:

- pencil; - Line; - Compasses; -…

The Science
How To Measure The Voltage In The Mains

How to measure the voltage in the mains

Mains voltage can be regarded as an electromotive force (EMF) of the current source or the voltage drop across this particular consumer. This value can be measured by a special device or calculate if the other parameters are known. When the alternating current network, but distinguished and effective value of the voltage amplitude.…

The Science
How To Find A Diagonal

How to find a diagonal

Each polyhedron, a rectangle and a parallelogram has a diagonal. It typically connects the angles of any of these geometric shapes. The value of the diagonal have to find the solution of problems in elementary and higher mathematics.

Instruction how to find the diagonal

Step 1:

Is any diagonal line connecting the corners of the polyhedra. The…

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