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How To Calculate The Variance And Expectation

How to calculate the variance and expectation

Dispersion and expectation are the main characteristics of a random event in the construction of a probabilistic model. These values ​​are related to each other and together represent the basis for the statistical analysis of the sample.

Instruction how to calculate the variance and expectation

Step 1:

Any random variable has a number of numerical…

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How To Determine The Limit

How to determine the limit

The limit in the mathematical theory has several meanings. Thus, the limit of the sequence is an element of the space, which has the property to attract other components of this sequence. Feature sequences either have or do not have a limiting value is called convergence.

Instruction how to determine the limit

Step 1:

Limit function (PF)…

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What Is The Distance To The Asteroid Is Considered Dangerous For The Earth

What is the distance to the asteroid is considered dangerous for the Earth

In space, there is a large number of asteroids and comets, but many of them revolve in definite orbits. From time to time, some of them fall into the field of view of astronomers as directed toward the Earth.

Asteroids customary leaving orbit usually faced with each other…

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How To Neutralize The Mercury

How to neutralize the mercury

When broken devices containing mercury, panic starts. This is a very dangerous chemical element, with him not to be trifled with. Therefore it is necessary to know how to spend demercurization (disposal of mercury), so as not to endanger themselves and others. neutralization process is quite simple, but time consuming. Once mercury is neutralized, it is…

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How To Identify The Person And Conjugation

How to identify the person and conjugation

The grammatical category of the verb - a person who is used to express the relationship of the subject to the action of the speaker. Changing verbs for person and number is called conjugation. These are the main characteristics of the verb, which must be able to identify and reflect the morphological parsing.


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How To Find The Value Of H In Physics

How to find the value of h in physics

The value of Planck's constant, denoted by the letter h, determined experimentally in the laboratory up to ten decimal places. Put experience in its definition and can be a physical office, but accuracy will be significantly less.

You will need:

- photocell with an external photoelectric effect; - Light source with a monochromator;…

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How To Determine The Height Above Sea Level

How to determine the height above sea level

Knowing the height of his own position is useful when navigating in a mountainous area with poor visibility. Price correct determination of the height can be very high if there is only one safe route down the mountain. To measure the height above sea level is used altimeter. The principle of its action…

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What Is The Economic Theory

What is the economic theory

Not everyone has an economic education, and, most importantly, in-depth knowledge in the field of economy. But every educated person must at least in general terms, to understand what it represents economic theory.

Economic theory - this is quite an interesting discipline that students usually study in the first-second-year colleges and institutes. It can be safely…

The Science
How To Calculate The Cosine Of The Angle

How to calculate the cosine of the angle

Cosine - one of the trigonometric functions, which is used in the solution of geometrical and physical problems. Actions with the vectors are also rarely do without the use of cosine. There are several ways to calculate the cosine of the angle from simple arithmetic to the Taylor series expansion. The choice of…

The Science
How Do I Know The Body Weight

How do I know the body weight

To calculate the weight, measure the amount of force acting on a body, and then calculate its acceleration, and then divide the amount of force to accelerate and get the value of the mass. In the presence of the mass standard Make engage these bodies and from this determine the weight, that is, compare…

The Science
How To Convert From Milliamps To Amps

How to convert from milliamps to amps

The basic unit of measurement of the current strength is the ampere. For example, a current of 1 ampere (A) flows through the lamp power of 220 watts, connected to the mains with a voltage of 220 volts. In modern electronic technology, especially miniature, used currents are usually much smaller force. For their measurement…

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How To Start An Essay-Review

How to start an essay-review

Review - one of the most difficult genres, not only because it requires the author's reasoned positions, but also because of the difficult multi-stage design. Even to start such a work can be very different.

Instruction how to begin an essay-review

Step 1:

Formulate opinions about the object review. Even before you start writing, you must clearly…

The Science
Where Did The Universe

Where did the universe

Universe - is the world around us, infinite in time and space. The earth and all the outside - the other planets and stars - the same universe, which can take a variety of forms of existence. The question "Where does it come from?" - Wondered mankind since ancient times. Many scientists have tried to put forward…

The Science
How To Determine Where The River Right Bank

How to determine where the river right bank

Knowing where the river right and left bank, is not only necessary to pass the exam in geography. In our society we accepted symbols that help us to navigate in space, to report the location and the location of objects. In addition, all those who in any way associated with the rivers on…

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What Is Ethology

What is ethology

The term "profits" to us from Greek and means "nature, character, habit, custom," and actually ethology in the modern sense - is the science that studies the life of animals in their natural habitat, ie customs and "customs" brothers our smaller.

Animals are very well adapted to the surrounding natural world, that is due to the variety of…

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How To Determine The Lorentz Force

How to determine the Lorentz force

Effects of magnetic fields on the current-carrying conductor means that the magnetic field affects the moving electrical charges. The force acting on a moving charged particle by the magnetic field, called the Lorentz force after the Dutch physicist H. Lorentz

Instruction how to determine the Lorentz force

Step 1:

The strength - the magnitude of the…

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What Troubles

What Troubles

Troubles in the legal sense - is the action of individual rulers or government officials who violate the internal security of the country, without destroying the existence of the state itself. Troubles in Russia or the Time of Troubles, commonly called historical period from 1598 to 1613 years.

The beginning of the Great Distemper in Russia was preceded by…

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How To Find The Sum Of All Three-Digit Numbers

How to find the sum of all three-digit numbers

The set of all three-digit numbers from the viewpoint of mathematics is the arithmetic progression, that is, sequence numbers, each of which (except the first) is obtained by adding to the previous one and the same number (step progression). Therefore, the problem of finding the sum of three-digit numbers can be formulated…

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How To Draw A Hexagonal Prism

How to draw a hexagonal prism

Prism ( "something sawed-off" in Greek) is composed of two bases of the same shape, which lie in parallel planes, and the side faces. The side faces have a parallelogram shape, and their number depends on the number of vertices of polygons in bases. Draw a figure to the base proper hexagonal forms can be…

The Science
How To Calculate The Volume Of The Reaction Product

How to calculate the volume of the reaction product

The tasks of the school chemistry course, as a rule, required to calculate the volume for gaseous product. You can do this if you know the number of moles of any member of the chemical interaction. Or, find the number of other data tasks.

You will need:

- a pen; - Paper records;…

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