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How To Check The Lambda Probe

How to check the lambda probe

Lambda probe sensor is an apparatus for evaluating the content of free oxygen remaining in the exhaust gases. His testimony enable a control system to maintain the optimal ratio between air and fuel in the combustion chambers. There are a number of symptoms that indicate the need to check the lambda probe for a malfunction.…

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How To Define A Sample

How to define a sample

Each precious product, buy in a jewelry store, a label and the sample. The label states the name of the product, its design, its component parts, the precious metal weight in grams, gemstone carat weight (if any), the manufacturer.

You will need:

- siliceous shale; - A set of test needles; - Brass plate.

Instruction how to…

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How To Put The Emphasis In The Word & Laquo; Sorrel & Raquo;

How to put the emphasis in the word «sorrel»

Improper stress the word "dock" is a list of the most common errors in orthoepic Russian. And even very competent people sometimes make mistakes - or doubt the correctness of the utterance of the word.

"Sorrel": correct accent - on the second syllable

In modern dictionaries of the Russian language as the only…

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How To Create Graphical Formulas

How to create graphical formulas

The graphics (structural) formulas electron pair forming the bond between the atoms is denoted by a dash. Graphic formulas give a clear idea of ​​the order of bonds between the atoms of matter and especially widely used in organic chemistry. Hydrocarbons with the same set of atoms can be very different in the structure of molecules.…

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How To Find The Area Of ​​The Octagon

How to find the area of ​​the octagon

The area of ​​the octagon can be found in exactly the same manner as the area of ​​any polygon. It is sufficient to divide it into eight triangles. However, in the case of the octagon can be dispensed only six triangles. And if the right octagon, then find an area becomes a lot…

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How To Calculate The Arm

How to calculate the arm

Lever - ancient mechanism for lifting. It is a bar that rotates around the fulcrum. Despite the fact that it is very much any other devices, its relevance lever is not lost. It is an integral part of many of today's devices. For these devices to work, you need to calculate the length of the lever…

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How To Find The Length Of The Sides Of A Right Triangle

How to find the length of the sides of a right triangle

Rectangular considered a triangle in which one of the angles is right. triangle side opposite the right angle is called the hypotenuse, and the other two sides - legs of. To find the length of the sides of a right triangle, you can use in several ways.

Instruction how…

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How To Find The Length Of The Conductor

How to find the length of the conductor

Find the length of the conductor is very simple - just to measure it. However, if the handler is not available or has a very great length, its direct measurement may be very difficult.

You will need:

- Building roulette; - Ammeter (tester); - Caliper; - Table electric conductivity of metals.

Instruction how to…

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How To Calculate The Relative Density Of The Material

How to calculate the relative density of the material

This characteristic, as the relative density of the material, showing how many times it is heavier or lighter than the other compounds. This parameter can be defined in relation to any gaseous substance. In most cases the calculations are carried out with respect to air or hydrogen. However, there may occur tasks…

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How To Calculate The Period

How to calculate the period

It called the period of the time interval between two adjacent phases of the same oscillation. It is measured in seconds and is inversely proportional to frequency. It can be both measured and calculated.

Instruction how to calculate the period

Step 1:

Measuring period expedient if the oscillation frequency is small. If it is less than one…

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How To Find If You Know The Hypotenuse Of A Leg And The Angle

How to find if you know the hypotenuse of a leg and the angle

In the right-angled triangle is called the leg side, adjacent to the right angle and the hypotenuse - the side opposite the right angle. All sides of a right triangle are linked by certain relations, and it is these constant relations will help us to find the…

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How To Calculate The Wave

How to calculate the wave

To calculate the wavelength, the definition of its main characteristics: length, height, power, speed, range, use sophisticated measuring devices. But it is possible to carry out measurements without the use of instruments.

Instruction how to calculate the wave

Step 1:

Determine the values ​​of quantitative characteristics are known. This is the speed of the wave (the wave…

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How Do I Know The Resistor

How do I know the resistor

Check the resistance of the resistor can be by connecting the ohmmeter. If such a device is not available, connect a resistor to the power supply, measure the value of the current in the circuit and the voltage across the resistor. Then, calculate the resistance. If applied to the resistor coding or color bars, determine…

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How To Read Electrical Schematics

How to read electrical schematics

Schematic diagram of the device designed for a complete and visual reflection of relations between the elements of the device. It can also be used in the study of automatic control systems. Without the ability to understand the electrical circuits is impossible to understand the principle of operation of a device and make the necessary changes…

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What Progress

What progress

Progress - progress is uniform change from lower to higher, set of activities and discoveries to improve and accelerate the social, material and scientific processes of society.

Progress (from the Latin progressus -. «Progress, success") - make steady progress, the pursuit of excellence. This change for the better in the course of development processes in different areas: social, financial,…

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How To Determine The Coordinates Of The Center Of Gravity

How to determine the coordinates of the center of gravity

In a uniform gravitational field, the center of gravity coincides with the center of mass. In geometry, the concept of "center of gravity" and "center of mass" as equivalent, since the existence of the gravitational field is not considered. The center of mass is also called the center of inertia and…

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What Is Incomplete Sentence

What is incomplete sentence

The term "partial offer" is very often confused with the concept of "one-compound offers." In fact, between them there is only one fundamental difference. If you remember it, the problems with the definition of the partial offer you will never arise.

Grammatical basis of single-composition proposal is only one of the main members: the subject or…

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How To Divide Numbers

How to divide numbers

Subject division of numbers is one of the most important in the mathematical program 5 class. Without mastery of this knowledge it is impossible to further the study of mathematics. Share numbers come to life every day. And always rely on the calculator is not worth it. To divide two numbers, you need to remember a sequence…

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How To Get Rid Of Irrationality In The Denominator

How to get rid of irrationality in the denominator

Correct entry does not contain a fractional number of irrationality in the denominator. Such recording and more easily comprehended in appearance, so the appearance of irrationality in the denominator is reasonable to get rid of it. In this case, the irrationality can go in the numerator.

Instruction how to get rid of…

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What Is A Neologism

What is a neologism

Each new word until lasting entry into the conversational usage is considered a neologism. Missing previously verbal tumors, as well as their development trends and promote a special section examines linguistic science - neology. So what is the neologisms and what they need language?

Neologism - a term that has a Greek origin, literally translated as "a…

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