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How To Determine The Resistance

How to determine the resistance

To use the device for determining the resistance, which is called an ohmmeter. Attach it to the ends of the chain section and get the value of its resistance. The resistance can be measured using an ammeter and voltmeter. Remove them with readings and voltage divide by the current. Conductor resistance can be found through its…

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How To Transfer The Syllables

How to transfer the syllables

Transfer rules - is part of Russian grammar, which is surrounded by many prejudices. Some argue that all transfer rules learned at school are canceled. Others, in turn, insist on the transfer of academic traditions. In fact, the rules of competent hyphenation in syllables not difficult multiplication tables. The main thing - to remember them and…

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How To Calculate Amperage

How to calculate amperage

Before installing the new wiring for the calculation of the cross section of wire is necessary to know the maximum current value. Determine the current strength in the apartment, electric network in several ways. In the simplest case one can even do without special instrumentation.

You will need:

calculator, AC ammeter.

Instruction how to calculate amperage

Step 1:


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How To Calculate The Heat Of Reaction

How to calculate the heat of reaction

Any chemical reaction is accompanied by a release, or absorption of energy, usually in the form of heat. This heat can be quantified. The resulting value is measured in kilojoules / mole, it is the heat of reaction. How is it calculated?

Instruction how to calculate the heat of reaction

Step 1:

In laboratory practice…

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How To Find The Concentration Of The Substance

How to find the concentration of the substance

Concentration - quantity characterizing the content of the substance per unit weight or volume of the mixture. It can be expressed in various ways. There are the following concentrations: mass fraction, mole fraction, volume fraction and molar concentration.

Instruction how to find the concentration of the substance

Step 1:

Mass fraction - the ratio…

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How To Carry Out The Conversion In Chemistry

How to carry out the conversion in chemistry

Chemical transformations - a conversion of some substances (reactants) in the other, wherein the reaction occurs without a change in the compositions of the elements of atomic nuclei. How are chemical reactions?

Instruction how to carry out the conversion in chemistry

Step 1:

Very often, the chemical reaction can take place only in solution.…

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How To Distinguish The Diamond

How to distinguish the diamond

Diamond is formed of pure carbon in the earth's interior at a depth of 100 km, at extremely high pressure and temperature. Diamond is the gem of the most solid and durable mineral, it literally is not subject to time and any effects, there is always transparent. This is only part of the features of the…

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How To Calculate The Height Of The Cylinder

How to calculate the height of the cylinder

At the height of the cylinder is available, which is perpendicular to its two grounds. A method of determining the length depends on a set of source data. These may be in particular diameter, area, section diagonal.

Instruction how to calculate the height of the cylinder

Step 1:

For any figures there is such…

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How To Obtain Potassium Hydroxide

How to obtain potassium hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide (other names - caustic potash, potassium lye) has the chemical formula KOH. Appearance - white or pale grayish flakes, granules. Very hygroscopic substance in the air quickly spreads, "zamylivaetsya". How to obtain potassium hydroxide?

Instruction how to get potassium hydroxide

Step 1:

The easiest and fastest way - a direct reaction of potassium metal with…

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How To Create A Formula Oxides

How to create a formula oxides

Oxides - are complex chemicals which consist of two elements. One is oxygen. The oxides in most cases are acidic and basic. As easily understood from the name, acid oxides react with bases to form a salt, that is, showing properties of acid. How to prepare the formula oxides?

Instruction create oxides of formula

Step 1:…

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How To Record A Decimal Number In The Binary System

How to record a decimal number in the binary system

The decimal number system - one of the most common in the mathematical theory. However, with the advent of information technology, the binary system was no less widespread because it is the main way of presenting information in a computer memory.

Instruction how to record a decimal number in the binary…

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How To Find The Radius Of A Circle Inscribed In A Rhombus

How to find the radius of a circle inscribed in a rhombus

Parallelogram, all the parties which are of equal length, called a rhombus. This basic property defines the equality of angles lying in the opposite vertices of a planar geometric figure. The diamond can inscribe a circle whose radius is calculated in several ways.

Instruction how to find the radius…

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How To Determine The Strength Of The Material

How to determine the strength of the material

The strength of the material depends on the physical properties and geometrical dimensions. When testing, consider these two factors. To measure the strength of the wire, calculate its cross-section and with a dynamometer load the rupture. Then force as measured at break, divide the cross-sectional area. To measure the compressive strength act with…

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How To Determine The Type Of Single-Composition Proposals

How to determine the type of single-composition proposals

When students at Russian lessons to begin parsing the proposals they have to characterize it by the presence and quantity of the main sentence. In that case, if there is only the subject or predicate, they will also need to call the kind of single-composition proposals.

Instruction how to identify the type of…

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How To Find Copper

How to find copper

Copper - a widespread metal which is one of the first has been mastered by man. Since ancient times, due to its relative softness, copper has been used mainly in the form of bronze - an alloy with tin. It occurs both in nuggets, and in the form of compounds. It is a ductile metal golden-pink color,…

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How To Solve The Equation Of The Square Root

How to solve the equation of the square root

Quadratic equation - the equation of the form ax ^ 2 + bx + c = 0 (the sign "*" denotes exponentiation, ie in this case the second). Species equation quite a lot, so everyone needs their decision.

Instruction how to solve the equation of the square root

Step 1:

Let the equation…

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How To Find The Number Of Neutrons

How to find the number of neutrons

The atom of the chemical element consists of the atomic nucleus and the electron shell. The structure of the atomic nucleus consists of two types of particles - protons and neutrons. Almost the entire mass of the atom is concentrated in the nucleus, because the protons and neutrons are much heavier than the electrons.…

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What Is Regression

What is regression

Regression is the process of reverse progress. These two forms of social development are closely linked and often succeeded each other in the history of mankind, sometimes alternating with periods of stagnation.

The concept of regression comes from the Latin word regressus (backward movement, the return). As a rule, this term in history, political science and economics to…

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How To Calculate The Equivalent Weight

How to calculate the equivalent weight

Equivalent mass - is the mass of the quantity of a chemical element that comes in connection with one mole of hydrogen atoms, or displace the same amount of hydrogen atoms in a substitution reaction. The name "equivalent" in Greek means "equal", "equal". How can I calculate this indicator?

Instruction how to calculate the equivalent…

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How To Put The Size Of The Drawing

How to put the size of the drawing

The object shown in the drawing, can not be manufactured with the required degree of accuracy, without knowing its dimensions and tolerances. In addition, the size values ​​allow us to estimate the actual view of the object, given the scale on which drafted its image.

You will need:

- a computer with a CAD…

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