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How To Find The Volume Of The Body

How to find the volume of the body

Each body has three major characteristics: weight, volume and area. If you know the weight and type of material from which it is made, the problem of calculating the volume is trivial. However, in a number of tasks and the mass density of the body is not given, and there are other values,…

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How To Get Structured Water

How to get structured water

The benefits of clean water everyone knows. Lack of fluid in the body is fraught with many diseases and dehydration - deaths. Doctors recommend daily drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. However, it is important to know that not all water will benefit to the organism. The real healing is considered to be…

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How To Draw A Frame For Drawing

How to draw a frame for drawing

The study of drawing in the school program involves the development of skills required for each of the future engineers how to perform simple drawings and the ability to read. Each drawing must be in accordance with GOST, including the frame and title block.

Instruction how to draw a frame for drawing

Step 1:


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As Expressed In Terms Of A Basis Vector

As expressed in terms of a basis vector

Any ordered system of n linearly independent vectors of R ^ n is called a basis of this space. Any vector space can be expanded in terms of the basis vectors, and the only way. Therefore, the answer to this question you must first prove the linear independence possible basis, and only then…

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How To Calculate The Length Of The Arc

How to calculate the length of the arc

Arc of a circle is a part of a circle included between two of its points. It can be described as ASB, where A and B - the ends. The length of the arc can be expressed in terms of contracting chord, radius of the circle and the angle between the radius drawn…

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How To Find A Relative Molecular Mass

How to find a relative molecular mass

Relative molecular mass of a substance (or simply - molecular weight) - is the ratio of the mass of the substance to 1/12 the mass of one atom of carbon (C) .Nayti relative molecular weight very easily.

You will need:

Mendeleev's table and the table of molecular weights

Instruction how to find the relative molecular…

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How To Find The Value Of Expression

How to find the value of expression

Numeric expressions consist of numbers, arithmetic signs and brackets. If variables are present in this expression, it will be called algebraic. Trigonometric is an expression that contains a variable signs of trigonometric functions. Challenges for the determination of the numerical values ​​of the trigonometric, algebraic expressions often found in school mathematics.

Instruction how to…

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How To Convert Centimeters To Feet

How to convert centimeters to feet

Foot - a metric unit of measurement of distance, which is used in a variety, for the most part, the English-speaking countries. Translate centimeters to feet is very easy, you just need to perform step 2.

Instruction how to convert centimeters to feet

Step 1:

If in the literature, physics, mechanics, or mention of the largest…

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Why Children Are Coming Of Age Of The Fathers Are At Risk

Why children are coming of age of the fathers are at risk

In developed countries couples are increasingly hesitant to birth in a rather mature age. About what the consequences for the child can result if his mother stepped over forty years abroad, says a lot, but recently attracted the interest of scientists the problem of late fatherhood.

Mature fathers are…

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How To Build A Third Kind

How to build a third kind

One of the most exciting challenges of descriptive geometry - the construction of the third kind with given two. It requires a thoughtful approach and meticulous measurement of distance, so do not always given the first try. However, if you carefully follow the recommended sequence of actions to build a third kind is quite possible,…

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How To Find The Pressure Of An Ideal Gas

How to find the pressure of an ideal gas

The ideal gas is considered in which the interaction between molecules is negligible. In addition to pressure, characterized by the temperature state of the gas and volume. The relationship between these parameters is shown in the gas laws.

Instruction how to find the pressure of an ideal gas

Step 1:

The gas pressure…

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How To Find Intervals Of Increasing Functions

How to find intervals of increasing functions

Suppose that a function - f (x), defined by its equation. The challenge is to find the gaps it monotonically increasing or monotonically decreasing.

Instruction how to find gaps increasing functions

Step 1:

f (x) is called a monotonically increasing function over the interval (a, b), if for all x, belonging to this interval, f…

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How To Make Calcium Chloride

How to make calcium chloride

Calcium chloride - salt having the chemical formula CaCl2. It represents colorless crystals rapidly "deliquescent" in the air due to the strong hygroscopicity. Widely used in various industries, as well as in medicine - as a source of replenishment of calcium deficiency in the body.

You will need:

- calcium carbonate (carbonate) - in the form of…

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How To Take Linear Algebra

How to take linear algebra

The most elementary and one of the most difficult mathematical disciplines has plenty of pitfalls. But to pass an exam on it is not so difficult: you have to brush up on knowledge gained during a semester.

Instruction how to deliver linear algebra

Step 1:

Linear algebra, as a rule, "introductory discipline" in the further study of…

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Apparitions Of The Dead And Dying: The Attempts Of Scientific Postulation

Apparitions of the dead and dying: the attempts of scientific postulation

Unknown yesterday becomes the truth of tomorrow. Such, for example, the phenomenon of the dying person in a more or less far away. The positivists only shrug their shoulders when talking about such "absurdities" deal with them at least one minute - then not only save time, but also to…

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How To Determine The Entropy

How to determine the entropy

Entropy - a mysterious physical quantity. She has several definitions given by different scientists at different times. The concept of entropy appears in a variety of problems in physics and its related disciplines. Therefore it is very important to know what is entropy and how to define it.

Instruction how to define entropy

Step 1:

First introduced…

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How To Change The Hertz

How to change the hertz

The screen of a personal computer there is a special feature, called the refresh rate. It is measured in Hertz. The higher its value, the smaller the screen flicker.

Instruction how to change the hertz

Step 1:

Changing settings is not necessary on LCD screens - you will not notice the difference. On the monitors of old…

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How To Increase The Gas Pressure

How to increase the gas pressure

Increase air pressure or other gases is carried out by means of special devices - compressors. In each case, the compressor is important to choose wisely, and that he has served for a long time and will not cause injury to others - to observe during its operation a number of simple rules.

You will…

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How To Find The Root Of The Discriminant

How to find the root of the discriminant

The discriminant - this is one of the components of the parameters of the quadratic equation. In the equation, it is not visible, but when you consider its formula and the general form of the equation of the second degree, then it is visible from the dependence of the discriminant factors in the…

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How To Find Work Of Friction Forces

How to find work of friction forces

Stir in the real world can not continue indefinitely. The reason for this - the frictional force. It occurs when the body contact with other bodies and always directed opposite to the direction of movement. This means that the friction force is always performing negative work that need to be taken into account in…

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