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How To Find The Average Speed

How to find the average speed

The average speed can be calculated by dividing the length of the path traveled by the body in the time spent on it. But in practice, when solving physical problems it is important to keep in mind and some specific nuances.

Instruction how to find the average speed

Step 1:

Calculate the average velocity of a…

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How To Multiply The Brackets

How to multiply the brackets

math in parentheses can contain variables and expressions of varying difficulty. For the multiplication of such expressions will have to find a solution in a general way, opening the brackets and simplifying the result. If the brackets are contained in the operations without variables, only the numerical values, it is not necessary to open the brackets,…

The Science
What Will Science Discovery Of The Higgs Boson

What will science discovery of the Higgs boson

Private inhabitant of the earth recollects theoretical physics only on major holidays and in honor of the great discoveries. However, to enter into the world "leap" will not work: too large number of formulas and theoretical aspects in today's science textbooks which are getting fatter every year. However, even he understands the basic…

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How To Find The Sum Of The Lengths Of All Edges Of The Box

How to find the sum of the lengths of all edges of the box

Are you having difficulty in solving geometrical problem connected with parallelepiped. The principles of solving such problems, based on the properties of the box, presented in a simple and accessible way. Understand - means to solve. Similar problems will no longer cause you difficulties.

Instruction how to…

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How To Calculate Hectare

How to calculate hectare

Action areas in different people are different. In Russia, the land was measured tithe, the existing types of measures differed in size, and by name. In the dictionary Dahl described breech hundreds, round, Astrakhan tithes, and they were used until the introduction of the metric system of measures.

You will need:

- fathoms; - Rope; - GPS navigator.…

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How To Lead

How to Lead

Lead - 82-th element of the periodic table - represents a very dense, but soft, malleable and easily fusible metal dull gray. Both the lead and its alloys, as well as many of its compounds are very widely used in various fields of industry. This material was once widely used as an additive in motor fuel, but was…

The Science
How To Translate The Terms

How to translate the terms

Translation of technical texts is quite challenging. A special challenge when translating highly specialized text cause terms without an adequate translation of the text which will simply meaningless. For the technical literature is characterized terminological phrases, ie, terms consisting of words chain. To properly translate such terms should follow some simple rules. These rules are generally…

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How To Reduce The Current

How to reduce the current

Many appliances are designed for a certain (maximum) value of the current strength. If the current exceeds the permitted value, such equipment may be damaged. To lower the current, there are several simple ways, is a logical connection with the load of active or passive (ballast) resistance.

You will need:

automotive incandescent, welding ballast.

Instruction how to…

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How To Calculate The Area Of ​​A Cube

How to calculate the area of ​​a cube

The cube is a special case of the box, in which each of the faces of a regular polygon formed - square. Total cube has six faces. Calculate the area is not difficult.

Instruction how to calculate the area of ​​a cube

Step 1:

Initially, you need to calculate the area of ​​any of…

The Science
How To Solve Complex Problems In Theoretical Mechanics

How to solve complex problems in theoretical mechanics

The scope of the study of theoretical mechanics is a mechanical motion of material bodies and the laws of interaction between them. The most widely used methods of science found in the creation of a variety of means and mechanisms.

Instruction how to solve complex problems in theoretical mechanics

Step 1:

The solution to…

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How To Find The Height And The Median In The Triangle

How to find the height and the median in the triangle

Triangle - one of the simplest classical figures in mathematics, a special case of a polygon with many sides and vertices equal to three. Accordingly, the median heights and also a triangle of three, and they can be found by known formulas, based on the initial data of a particular…

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How To Describe The Geographical Position Of The Sea

How to describe the geographical position of the sea

Even at school, everybody remembers that our planet is mostly made of water. Rivers, seas, oceans, make up the Earth's hydrosphere. To study the oceans is a compilation of the geographical location of its facilities. You can try, for example, from the sea. Sea - water with specific properties, is part of…

The Science
How To Measure The Power Consumption

How to measure the power consumption

Sometimes it is necessary to know the amount of energy consumed by one or a group of devices. You must first obtain the value of the instantaneous power consumption. Using this value is easily calculated power consumed during a certain period of time. There are several solutions to this problem.

You will need:

AC voltmeter, ammeter…

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How To Build An Octahedron

How to build an octahedron

Regular polyhedra were known in ancient Greece. They are called "Platonic" bodies. Four regular polyhedra - the tetrahedron, icosahedron, cube and octahedron - representing the four "entities", and the elements. Octahedron symbolizes air.

You will need:

- paper; - Pencil; - Line.

Instruction how to build an octahedron

Step 1:

The octahedron consists of eight faces are regular…

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How To Deduce The Molecular Formula Of Hydrocarbon

How to deduce the molecular formula of hydrocarbon

Hydrocarbon - an organic compound, which comprises only two elements carbon and hydrogen. It can be limiting, unsaturated double or triple bond, cyclic and aromatic.

Instruction how to derive the molecular formula of hydrocarbon

Step 1:

Suppose you have the following data: the density of hydrocarbon to hydrogen - 21 percent of the mass…

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What Is The Space

What is the space

News, in one way or another connected with the cosmos to appear in the media every day. But what exactly is the space and at what distance from the Earth, he begins, few people think.

Instruction that this space

Step 1:

The original Greek word κόσμος meant the whole universe. It is believed that the first term as…

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How To Make Sodium Chloride

How to make sodium chloride

For such a complex chemical name "sodium chloride" hiding common salt. As with any other substance, it can be both dangerous and useful. The main thing - to use it correctly.

You will need:

- salt; - Water; - Ready-made powder.

Instruction how to make sodium chloride

Step 1:

Salt enters the body, it activates many processes. This…

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How To Determine The Speed Of The Formula

How to determine the speed of the formula

Considering the motion of the body, talking about his coordinates, velocity, acceleration. Each of these options has its own formula depending on the time, unless, of course, it's not about the chaotic traffic.

Instruction how to determine the speed of the formula

Step 1:

Let the body moves uniformly. Then the speed is represented…

The Science
How To Calculate The Concentration Of The Substance

How to calculate the concentration of the substance

concentration of the solution - a value that indicates how the mass of a substance contained in a certain volume or weight of the solution. Even the most distant from the chemistry one is confronted with this concept at every step, for example, buying in the store 9% vinegar for home canning, or…

The Science
How To Solve The Anagram

How to solve the anagram

Literature - Science is not easy and involves a number of different techniques, designed to diversify the everyday language. Anagram - is one of such techniques, the essence of which is that the rearrangement of the letters of one word turns the other. Common ways to solve the anagram does not exist, because the principle of…

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