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What Is A Myth

What is a myth

Myth is considered to be the first form of spiritual culture of mankind, because this phenomenon arose at a very early stage of development of society. With the help of primitive people and the first civilization to comprehend the world, explaining the change of the seasons, natural disasters, and the sacraments of life.

The concept of the…

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How To Find The Perimeter Of The Figure

How to find the perimeter of the figure

The geometry problems are often required to find the perimeter of the figure. The perimeter of the figure is the length of the line limiting it. It is possible, of course, simply to measure the length of the line. However, the results of these measurements can not be sufficiently accurate. In addition, the…

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How Do I Redeem Soda

How do I redeem soda

The list of ingredients for baking common baking powder and no less frequently stated that it can be replaced with hydrated soda. Anyone who wants to learn to bake, sooner or later face the fact that the house is not baking powder will appear, and then the question arises, how and what to pay off soda.…

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How To Determine The Dynamics Of Labor Productivity In The Enterprise?

How to determine the dynamics of labor productivity in the enterprise?

Dynamics is called a change of the indicator over time. Productivity can be calculated for the individual employee, the company, industry, or the economy as a whole. To calculate the dynamics, you need to know a few indicators calculated at regular intervals.

You will need:

- labor productivity; - Calculator.…

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What Is The Papyrus

What is the papyrus

Papyrus - is a perennial aquatic plant sedge family, a close relative of reeds. It grows mainly in tropical Africa, on the shores of lakes and rivers. Because its stems in ancient times were made not only writing material, but also wove cloth, made shoes, rafts and canoes.

Papyrus reaches a height of 5 meters, and the…

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What Is Stress

What is stress

All electrical appliances are designed for a specific voltage and all power sources are built in such a way that they produce the voltage does not go beyond certain limits.

Instruction that is the voltage

Step 1:

To explain what the voltage is different from the current, resistance and power, you can use this analogy. Imagine a tube, to…

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How To Determine The Climate

How to determine the climate

The word "climate" of the Greek and means "slope". The ancient Greeks schititali that the temperature depends only on the angle of incidence of solar radiation on the Earth's surface. The higher the sun is, the more heat gets stronger than the earth's surface and warms it adjacent to a layer of air. The land was…

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How To Find The Density Of The Liquid

How to find the density of the liquid

Sometimes it is necessary to determine the density of a liquid. If you know of any liquid in question - you can find the information in the physical and chemical directories or through the Internet. But what to do if the solution does not know you?

You will need:

- transparent measuring capacity; -…

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How To Find The Volume Of A Sphere

How to find the volume of a sphere

Ball - a simple geometric shape volume, to indicate that the size is enough just one parameter. The boundaries of this chart pattern is called a sphere. The amount of space, limit the scope, you can figure out how using appropriate trigonometric formulas and improvised means.

Instruction how to find the volume of…

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How To Get Static Electricity

How to get static electricity

It is through the static electricity humanity once first introduced to the electrical phenomena in general. Only then it was proved that the electricity is not divided into different types, but only differ in the parameters. But today people are habitually referred to as static electricity, characterized by large voltage and low current.

Instruction how to…

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Why Burning Is A Chemical Process

Why burning is a chemical process

With the burning man faces constantly throughout his life. Few people think about the nature of the combustion process. In particular, that is - a chemical process. Why? Yes, because the combustion is accompanied by a change in the composition of the substances involved in it.

People every day have to deal with the combustion…

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What Is Ethnography

What is ethnography

Russia is a multinational country. For centuries, Russians live in cooperation with various nations and nationalities. The study features the world's people engaged in science ethnography.

From ancient Greek word "ethnos" is translated as "people" and "Count" - "to write." Accordingly, science ethnography exploring nations. Ethnicity - a lot of people, consisting of national groups. One feature is…

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How To Build A Polynomial

How to build a polynomial

The question posed no information is required polynomial. Generally, an ordinary polynomial is a polynomial of the form Pn (x) = Cnx ^ n + C (n-1) x ^ (n-1) + ... + C1x + C0. This article will be considered by the Taylor polynomial.

Instruction how to build a polynomial

Step 1:

Let the function y =…

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How To Detect The Electric Field

How to detect the electric field

The electric field exists around any electric charge, located anywhere in space. If you try to give a graphic representation of the electric field, it can be done by means of lines of force in a certain direction. Electric field of positive and negative charges are slightly different from each other in their properties. If…

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As For The Sides Of The Triangle To Know The Angle

As for the sides of the triangle to know the angle

The lengths of the sides of the triangle associated with the angles at the vertices of the figure in terms of trigonometric functions -. Sine, cosine, tangent, etc. These relations are formulated in the theorems and definitions of functions in terms of the sharp corners of the triangle course of…

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How To Find The Area Of ​​The Base Of The Parallelepiped

How to find the area of ​​the base of the parallelepiped

The reason the box is always a parallelogram. To find the area of ​​the base, calculate the area of ​​a parallelogram. As a special case, it may be a rectangle or square. Also found parallelepiped base area, and knowing the volume of its height.

You will need:

Ruler, protractor, scientific calculator…

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How To Calculate The Perimeter Of The Square

How to calculate the perimeter of the square

Though the word "perimeter" and comes from the Greek designation of the circle, it is called the total length of the borders of any flat geometric shapes, including square. Calculation of this parameter is usually presents no difficulty and can be carried out in several ways, depending on known raw data.

Instruction how…

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How To Check Interturn Circuit

How to check interturn circuit

Interturn fault occurs, usually in the excitation coil winding due to damage to the insulating layer, the result of the process is the reduction in circuit resistance and sintering a large number of coil turns. In order to prevent the disastrous consequences for the generator must be on time to make measurements.

Instruction how to test…

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Why The Heart Beats

Why the heart beats

In ancient times, the Greeks believed that the heart - is the seat of the spirit, the Chinese believed that there lived happiness, the Egyptians believed that it originate intellect and emotions. How does it work this unique authority responsible for the whole body?

The heart consists of four sections or chambers. At the top of the…

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How To Determine The Distance From A Point To A Plane

How to determine the distance from a point to a plane

Determination of the distance from the point to the plane - one of the most common problems of the school plane geometry. It is known that the smallest distance from a point to a plane is perpendicular drawn from this point to this plane. Therefore, the length of this perpendicular…

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