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UAV Drone Invisible

UAV Drone Invisible

After the failure of the F-117 Night Hawk US government has begun to develop a new aircraft invisible X-47B. The plane looks very similar to its predecessor, but it has many differences. The aircraft designs and develops Northrop Grumman, and the main difference is the lack of pilots. The plane itself is self-contained and tactical decisions, only occasionally getting commands from the control center.

To prevent interception of aircraft control and other troubles, the drone is equipped with advanced protection against electromagnetic radiation. UAV was fighter class, but will likely serve as a scout and bomber, as his predecessor. aircraft weighs 20 tons, with a wingspan of 20 meters. Maximum 3200 km range, with length of stay in flight - 6 hours.

The aircraft will be placed on aircraft carriers and carry them to run with the help of a catapult. Who is working out drone landing on an aircraft carrier. It's quite a complex process and can take several months. In general, the world will soon have yet another infernal machine, carrying death in different parts of the globe, and is completely devoid of human feelings and moral responsibility for their actions.