Accredited Bachelor Degrees Online

online bachelor's degreesAt the colleges listed here, cheap online degrees are right at your fingertips, and you’ll get a quality education. Getting a degree online is beneficial, not only because it allows students to work from home on their own schedules, but also because it can save a significant amount of money due to the elimination of room and board and commuting and transportation costs.

Featured Schools

Additionally, students also usually have the ability to work a full-time job or care for a family all day before settling in to work.

For many students, working on a degree from home is simply a better way to learn. These online degrees are just as valid as a degree from a brick and mortar institution and represent some of the best values in higher education available today.


1. Western Governors University

Summary: Western Governors University is designed with working adults in mind. This nonprofit institution offers accredited bachelor’s and master’s degrees. There is no minimum high school GPA score or SAT/ACT score required for enrollment. But applicants are required to submit official transcripts and interview with an enrollment counselor to determine if WGU is the best choice for them.

Degrees: The WGU Teachers College offers several licensure degree programs, including those in Interdisciplinary Studies, Special Education, Mathematics and Science. The Online College of Business offers courses in Business Management, Marketing and Accounting. The Online College of Information Technology offers courses in Security, Software and Network Management. The Online College of Health Professions also offers degrees in Nursing and Healthcare Management.

Tuition: While tuition differs from program to program, most students pay less than $3, 000 every six months.

2. University of Wyoming

Summary: The University of Wyoming offers several online bachelor’s degrees through its Outreach School. The average age of the online learner at UW is 33 years of age. New students are required to apply with a high school GPA of 3.0 and either an ACT score of 21 or a combined SAT math and critical reasoning score of 980. The online programs are designed for students to complete the final two years of the degree.

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