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Williams-Hardaway, a teacher at Talladega High School, has been charged with assault of the 3rd degree.Williams-Hardaway, a teacher at Talladega High School, has been charged with assault of the 3rd degree.

TALLADEGA, Ala. (WIAT) — Alicia Williams-Hardaway, 41, has been found guilty in assault of the third degree for assaulting personnel in a prom supply store.

On March 3, a prom supply business reported being assaulted by a customer. Store personnel informed the responding officer that the suspect was a teacher at Talladega High School. The suspect asked for copies of the contract with the school, and was informed that they could not release that information, according to personnel.

At this point the suspect became irate and began yelling profanities at business personnel, at which point personnel asked her to leave. As the suspect was leaving, she grabbed store personnel around the neck and left several scratches after digging her fingernails into their skin.

Williams-Hardaway was given a $300 fine, $342 in court costs and received a 180 day suspended sentence when she appeared at the Anniston Municipal court on April 15.

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