Accredited Online Master degree programs

Educational AdministratorAn online Master’s in Educational Administration degree prepares educators to assume rewarding leadership roles across the full spectrum of educational institutions. The degree lays the groundwork for leadership positions in elementary, middle, and high schools (both public and private), as well as charter schools, alternative schools, colleges, and state education departments.

Students in Master in Educational Administration degree programs learn to manage the operations of an educational institution, including overseeing budgets, technology, curriculum, and staff. The programs help students build the leadership skills required to manage a school or a school district. The programs prepare educators to design and implement plans to meet demographic needs of a school system.

best-school-seal-2Masters in Educational Administration degree programs (the most common degree in the field) typically cover such subjects as fundamentals of educational administration, education administration law, financial management, school leadership, school organization, current trends in curriculum development, and human resources issues in education.

Master in Education Administration degree programs often include a practicum, fieldwork, or an internship. Some of the programs provide supervision by a working administrator (such as a school principal), which can then lead to recommendations or endorsements useful for landing a job.

Online Master in Educational Administration Degree Programs Ranking Guidelines

Florida State UniversityWe selected the following degree programs based on academic excellence, range of courses provided, awards, rankings, faculty strength, and reputation.

(Tallahassee, FL)

Florida State University (FSU), a public research university, is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Florida.

The Online Master’s in Educational Leadership Administration degree program, offered through FSU’s College of Education, has 36 credit hours and includes a face-to-face practicum, as well as a comprehensive portfolio mandatory in the student’s final semester. All core courses and the majority of electives are available online.

University of NebraskaThe online Educational Administration Master’s degree program offers comprehensive courses in depth and breadth, such as:

  • Planning Effective Instruction
  • Legal Aspects of Education
  • Leadership For Diversity
  • Multicultural Education
  • Data Driven School Development

FSU ranks #91 in the 2014 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges National Universities list and #39 in the magazine’s Best Graduate Education Schools list.

louisiana-state-university Old Dominion University Stony Brook University Drexel University

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