cpa exam questionsAlmost every student will use Sample CPA Exam Questions as a study tool. Most of the CPA Review courses offer some practice questions yet most students opt for supplemental multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) in order to better prepare for the CPA exam.

In this article we will delve in to the following five issues help you use CPA questions more effectively :

  1. Which company provides the best CPA exam questions? We will rank and rate the top 3 providers of CPA practice tests.
  2. At what stage should a candidate start practicing CPA exam sample questions? We will give our opinion on whether you should start using practice questions at the start of your studies.
  3. How many CPA sample questions should each student use? We will show you how to determine the optimal number of practice questions you need to complete before the CPA exam.
  4. Are there any disadvantages of using sample CPA questions? You need to be aware that there are some key differences between a practice test and what you will encounter at a Prometric test site.
  5. Are there any free CPA practice exams? The Web has some valuable free resources but you you need to filter through a lot of garbage CPA tests. We will steer you towards the best free CPA exams.

CPA Practice Questions Ranked and Rated:

There are three main companies that offer sample CPA exam questions. Here are our rankings and reviews of each option:


CPA Army offers a free CPA practice exam for each section (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG). The company offers approximately 450 MCQ’s for each section of the exam. The cost is $27 and the company effectively offers a free trial since they have a money back guarantee.

The quality of CPA questions is on a par with a major CPA review course like Becker. Furthermore, the questions are updated regularly. For example, CPA Army had Auditing Clarity Standards questions before any other test prep provider. In addition, if you fail the exam you can always request an updated set of practice questions.

The main advantage of CPA Army’s test bank is that it is the most affordable high quality option at only $27. For students who have already shelled out $3, 000 on a CPA review course, it is a significant discount to most CPA material. The CPA practice questions are slightly more difficult than what you would encounter on exam day. In addition, CPA Army offers four previously released AICPA exams for each section.

One of the disadvantages of the CPA Army sample exams is that they do not offer simulation questions. Most students complain that simulations are the hardest part of the CPA exam and some students feel it is crucial to practice simulations before the test day.

However, given the high quality of CPA questions and the low price point, CPA Army is the top supplemental MCQ provider.

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