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giphyStill looking to complete some of the KU Core requirements? We’ve got you covered with everything from pirates and jewelry-making to sports fans and rap geniuses. Once you’re ready to enroll head over to classes.ku.edu for more info.

1. ASTR 394: Quest for Extraterrestrial Life

You don’t have to be Star Lord to search for life in the universe beyond the earth. Explore the astronomical conditions under which life might form and discover methods of searching for extraterrestrial life. Prerequisite: An introductory course in biology, astronomy or geology.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 in the KU Core.

2. ART 132: Metalsmithing jewelry

giphy (3)Start making a dent in those DIY Pinterest boards. This course is open to all university students, specifically those with limited or no previous experience. Study the field of jewelry and metalsmithing with an emphasis on the tools, processes, and techniques used in the design and creation of objects from a variety of metals.

Satisfies Goal 3 Arts and Humanities in the KU Core.

3. PHIL 150: Kinds of Minds

We know humans have minds, but does Wall-E? What’s the difference between a brain and a mind? How do humans, animals and machines think, process emotion or make decisions? And what are the moral and philosophical implications of it all? In this course, you’ll ask the tough questions that lead to pondering even more questions.

raining-sharksSatisfies Goal 2 Outcome 2 in the KU Core.

4. ATMO 220: Unusual weather

Ok, so you might not learn about Sharknados, but you will learn about unusual weather phenomena such as blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, and chinooks.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 & Goal 3 Natural Sciences in the KU Core.

5. HIST 177: Notorious Pirates

Yo ho! Dig deeper into the pirate life, investigating the economic, military, political, and social histories of piracy and its implications on labor relations and international law.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1 in the KU Core

6. ENGL 203: Sports Fanatics and Hooligans

giphy (1)When does a “fan” become a “fanatic?” What unspoken rules govern the “ultimate fan?” By examining popular sports literature like Friday Night Lights, Fever Pitch & The Comeback Season, students will discuss how factors like race, class, gender and sexuality come into play off the field and in the stands.

Satisfies Goal 1 Outcome 1, Goal 2 Outcome & Goal 3 Arts and Humanities in the KU Core

7. REL 177: Apocalypse

Is doomsday coming? Address current issues in religious studies, specifically the end of the world or the Apocalypse. This course is designed for first-time freshman to meet the critical thinking outcome.

8. DANC 490: Flamenco Dance Technique

Expand your dance moves beyond the Carlton. Using the basic compas (rhythmic structures) of Flamenco, students will explore the different components of flamenco dance technique including floreo (spiraling fingers), palmas (rhythmic hand-clapping) and zapateado (footwork).

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