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A number of short courses which have been developed in response to the current economic climate in Aberdeen to help individuals enhance their careers are being launched this month.

Riverside East Robert Gordon University (RGU) is offering a range of industry focused short courses to support people whose careers have been directly impacted by the on-going challenges in the North Sea energy sector.

The courses, which are being offered at a discounted fee, range from an introduction to subsea engineering, unconventional oil and gas resources development and an overview of marine renewables, to developing a sustainable strategy, HR skills for new supervisors, an introduction to corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The programmes help those affected by the current economic climate to reposition themselves by diversifying skills sets to provide new opportunities for career directions.

Will Ritchie, Careers Consultant Team Leader at RGU, said: “RGU has been working alongside the North Sea oil and gas sector for over 40 years and continuously aims to have a positive influence on high levels of activity, innovation, training and employment. These courses are a tangible example of our continued support.

“Whether you have recently graduated, are looking to retrain or enhance your skill set, developing your knowledge and expertise within a specific field will increase your employability within the current competitive jobs market.

“This can be done through the uptake of industry relevant short courses which, for those facing redundancy, those recently made redundant, and those looking to gain entry to the sector from a more diverse career background, can enhance a CV considerably.

“Taking part in these programmes will confirm interest and motivation to the sector and the discipline subject as well as explore new options.”

The summer start dates for each course are:

Registration for ‘CSR in Energy and Beyond’ closes on Friday, June 19.

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