LSAT Testing Locations

As you know, the LSAT is a huge deal. It consists of nothing more than pencil and paper, but your performance on LSAT test day could very well determine your entire legal career. Therefore, there’s a lot of tension on these days. The last thing you need is some sort of distraction with the LSAT testing center room.

Scroll through the comments any of our LSAT blog’s past LSAT test day instant recaps, and you’ll find, unfortunately, that distractions are rampant in LSAT testing centers. Oftentimes it’s an annoying or inexperienced proctor. Sometimes it’s the chairs they put you in. Either way, it’s not uncommon for months of intense LSAT prep to go to waste because LSAC can’t consistently maintain their LSAT testing centers. And there are a lot of LSAT testing centers.

Allow us to help.

Blueprint LSAT Prep regularly reaches out to LSAT testing centers around our LSAT prep classroom locations trying to find out as much info as we can about each one (room size, desk situations, etc.). Not all of the locations were responsive or had picked out a room yet — which just goes to show how easy LSAT test day disasters can come about.

You can find more information about LSAT testing locations on this LSAT testing center Wiki, but here’s what we were able to find out about the LSAT testing centers around our spring LSAT prep classroom locations*:


Clark Atlanta University

  • Recommended on LSAT/testing center blogs.

Herzing College

  • According to the school, they offer two person desks.
  • 15 – 20 people each room (multiple rooms provided by college).
  • Very spacious.


Austin Community College

  • Administered by the Highland campus, but the rooms are not assigned until a week before the LSAT.

University of Texas

  • LSAT is administered by the Center for Teaching and Learning, but the room is not selected yet for June LSAT.
  • Typically a bigger room for lots of students.


Boston College Law School

  • Great reviews online.
  • Theater seating with long tables that curve with the room.
  • Students seated in every other seat in swivel chairs.
  • School called it the “luxury suites” of classrooms, but they usually only do the December and February LSATs.

Boston University School of Law

  • Varying feedback online.
  • Completely random rooms; the entire law school is used.
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