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Affordable Schools by Subject

If you are interested in a particular online degree program, please browse our lists of affordable schools by subject. Each list offers at least 10 affordable online degrees and many have options for as little as $4, 000 per year.

Noteworthy Colleges

All of the colleges that made our lists are making strides in offering affordable, online degrees. However, we wanted to congratulate and honor these five schools that we feel stand out from the rest.

Participant eligibility criteria

To be considered for inclusion in the 2014 Most Affordable U.S. Online College Rankings, online colleges need to:

  • Currently be accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Offer fully online programs, so that students located anywhere in the country can pursue their degrees.

Participant Selection Process and Tuition Fee Compilation

To compile’s 2014 Most Affordable U.S. Online College Rankings, SR Education Group first chose online colleges for each listing based on their annual undergraduate tuition numbers provided by the National Center for Education Statistics. As this data was reflective of the 2010-2011 academic year, SR Education Group updated each number to the current annual tuition based on primary research conducted online. This implies finding the degree-specific tuition on the college’s web site and contacting an academic representative whenever necessary. Quoted annual tuition numbers do not include any extra fees that may apply for each degree. Tuition rates may vary by program. Please contact a representative from the online college you're interested in for further details on their respective tuition fees.

Ranking Compilation

SR Education Group compiled all rankings based on annual tuition for an online bachelor’s degree for the specific subject covered, except when only online graduate degrees for a particular school were available. The master’s level tuition fee was then used. The numbers are also representative of out-of-state, non-discounted tuition fees (unless all online students receive the discount), so some students may be eligible for even lower tuition rates than indicated.

Future Ranking Updates

These rankings were last updated in June of 2014. SR Education Group will update’s 2014 Most Affordable U.S. Online College Rankings on a quarterly basis as new online college tuition fee information becomes available. Any changes in tuition fee information and / or addition of new online colleges (provided they meet all criteria for eligibility) moving forward may affect future ranking by discipline/degree.

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