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Educational Teaching Supplies

Imagine sitting at your desk and the teacher asks the class to take out their notebooks and pencils as she begins the daily math lesson... But you don’t have a notebook or pencil or even a backpack to carry them. To some students, these simple basic school supplies are not affordable.

That is a harsh reality for over one-half of our students who qualify for free and reduced lunch in our 164 Title I schools in Hillsborough County. The Teaching Tools Store is on a mission to solve this problem.

It’s a real brick and mortar store giving free school supplies to any teacher from our Title I schools. This year, we gave away over $2 million in free school supplies helping teachers better prepare their students for the classroom tasks. The Teaching Tools Store ensures that these students have the essential tools for learning each day.

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Teaching supplies
Teaching supplies
United Scientific United Scientific Teaching Stethoscope
BISS (United Scientific)
  • A popular instrument for classroom use
  • It permits simultaneous listening by student and instructor
  • Plated metal parts and non-chill surfaces
  • Perfect for the early nursing student
  • Non-consumable
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