How to distinguish a female zebrafish

There are many species of fish available in the market, but among the most popular is the one which is commonly known as the zebrafish. It is the perfect species for beginner aquarists because the species is simple and easy to take care of. In fact, the zebrafish is also one of the easiest to keep in captivity since its body is not too long and not too big. Unlike the other fish species, it doesn't need an extensive diet unlike other aquarium fish which must be fed with live foods or they may develop fatal diseases. On the other hand, this fish doesn't require too much water to survive and can even survive in a small bowl of water.

However, before you buy a female zebrafish, it is important to know first its exact size. Females of this fish are usually bigger than males and they are therefore more difficult to find. It is best to choose from reputable breeders who have a lot of females in their hands. If you want to purchase a female Zebrafish, there are certain things you need to consider first. Firstly, you need to check if there is a male already in your tank. A male Zebrafish is considered stronger than the female and it is also more aggressive. It will also be a little bit harder to maintain its good health so you will need to make sure that the female that you bought is already mature enough to breed.

When choosing a male Zebrafish, remember that there are many species of Zebrafish. There are those that grow quite fast and these fish can be considered to be "shoals". This means that they can reproduce rapidly and become huge.

Image by Petr Kuznetsov from Pixabay

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