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How to restore the skin's elasticity

Every woman, regardless of age, wants to be beautiful and sexy. The state of our skin - the first indication of how the body feels. If after giving birth, a new diet or lack of proper care, you notice that the skin has lost its elasticity, it is time to throw all forces to restore it.

How to restore the skin's elasticity

Instruction how to restore skin elasticity

Step 1:

The first step should be directed to the cause of the deterioration of the skin condition. Smoking - your enemy is paramount. It makes the skin thin and provoking its aging much earlier position.

Step 2:

Carefully approach the food issue. Without the correct bases in the struggle for the improvement of your skin, you will not achieve the desired results. Eat as many fresh vegetables (especially useful in red and yellow vegetables). Dietary fiber (cereals, whole wheat bread) and protein (lean beef and poultry) as well become your friends and helpers. Excess fat diet harm, but 3 tablespoons of olive oil a day are important for the skin.

Step 3:

The skin needs a good cleaning. Water procedures should not be limited to one time every two days. Try to take a shower twice a day, be sure to use scrub, besides the basic tools for taking a bath. Quality exfoliating the skin you can do yourself. For example, soaked in milk, oatmeal or ground coffee beans.

Step 4:

Every day after bathing rub the body with rough terry mitt or towel. This will help remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and improve metabolism.

Step 5:

Replace artificial bubble baths to brewed herbs (chamomile, mint, lemon balm, linden). Furthermore, known methods do not neglect, for example, such as "Cleopatra's bath". Add the warm milk per liter of olive oil and a little honey. Pour the mixture into the bath (while taking a bath make sure the water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees).

Step 6:

Once or twice a week treat yourself to a sauna or a bath, do not forget about the scrub. The effect is not long to wait.

Step 7:

Drink a day for about 10 cups of drinking water or beverages that do not contain sugar.

Step 8:

Let the body aerobic exercise. Several times a week engaged in nature. This is more than a beneficial effect on the skin and will help you keep fit.