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Earning an online degree from an accredited university not only looks good on your resume, it can also help you in the interview itself. How? In addition to professional know-how, online degree programs tend to teach you the all-important “soft skills” that employers look for. Soft skills are the personality, attitude, and social traits that characterize your interactions with others. Here are 4 that are learned in an online degree program…And How to Communicate Them in an Interview.

1. Work in a Team.

Online degree programs often place you in versatile team environments—both virtual and in-person through residencies or colloquia in certain programs. And your ability to work in teams is a huge draw for employers. As workplace collaboration changes due to technological advances, employers want to know that candidates are able to maximize their contribution to the team’s productivity.

Before your interview, think about a project you did in your online degree program where effective teamwork led to success. Be prepared to discuss your strengths at working in a team, including:

  • What did you do to contribute to the team’s success?
  • How did you maximize others’ strengths in the team?
  • What are some insights you have about communicating with team members in disparate locations?
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