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The United Kingdom remains the domicile of the world most reputable universities. Most of the popular universities in the UK offers distance learning and online degree to several students around the world. Do you intend to do your online degree in the UK, You can use this links below as a sources to research your needed institution. here is the most popular online bachelor degree programs in the UK for your inspiration.

Essex University Online Degree

Essex online undergraduate degree courses are designed to develop learners’ knowledge and understanding, as well as to provide learners with key skills to progress in their existing profession or to make a career change. Their online courses start throughout the year so, unlike a traditional degree course, students don’t have to wait until September to begin your studies. Their entry requirements are also flexible, while looking at both students’ academic and work-based experience.

University of London International Programs

The University of London is a federal university that made up of 18 Colleges and a number of many smaller, specialist Institutes.

The academic direction of their programs – including the development of curriculum and learning resources, as well as the students assessment of is the responsibility of University of London College (or consortium of Colleges), otherwise known as the ‘Lead College’.

The University of London International Programs offer students the opportunity to learn through their various distance learning courses.

Derby University Online Degree

The University of Derby online Degree programs are designed to allow busy professionals to balance studying with their work and family life. Regardless of students’ location in the world, they can graduate with a highly regarded UK degree, even without leaving home

Derby University was established in 1851, the institution have been delivering online / distance learning programs for more than a decade. The University of Derby Online Programs combine the best quality university teaching process with the latest online delivery techniques.

University of Liverpool Online Programs

The University of Liverpool online programs is a fully online degrees programs for working professionals

Built for all student around the world, whereever they are, they can study online for a University of Liverpool postgraduate degree. Their online degrees has the same merit and weight as their campus programs.

University of Liverpool Online Programs are designed for working professionals, who will not like to compromise their work and family for learning.

Students can earn a degree that can advance their career – without having to relocate or take a career break. Studies here fits around students personal and professional commitments in a very manageable way.

Students can gain practical knowledge and skills they can apply immediately in their work with their industry relevant degrees.

University of Hertfordshire Online Degree Programs

University Hertfordshire Online Students can study online by distance learning for a reputable University of Hertfordshire undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

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