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Oregon State University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). The Oregon State Board of Higher Education has authorized the University to offer undergraduate and graduate level certificates, baccalaureate, masters, doctorate, and first professional degrees. OSU diploma

Online and distance courses offered through Extended Campus are taught by OSU faculty and carry requirements for reading, research, and examinations that are similar to on-campus courses.

Online degree programs and courses appear the same on your OSU transcript as do on-campus degrees and courses. Professional certificate programs and non-credit programs do not appear on an official OSU transcript, but Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or certificates may be awarded.

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online universities , online colleges , online courses
online universities , online colleges , online courses ...
Online Courses
Online Courses
German 1 Online Course w/ Teachers - Full Year - Accredited Online HomeSchooling Course - Christian HomeSchool Curriculum - 180 Daily Lessons - MultiMedia Rich - Private Christian School since 2001
Software (Learning By Grace Curriculum Provider)
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